Update on Life

Hi there everyone! As I promised yesterday, I wanted to do a quick update post on what’s going on in Tory Land!

My life, overall, is kind of dull, but that’s actually a good thing really. That means, other than your typical toddler cold, my children are healthy, my husband’s awesome (he really is ladies, and no, I won’t ever share him…EVER), and I’ve got a good job (even if I mutter dark comments about my boss for half the day, even though I think she’s probably the best boss I’ve ever had). The Mio drinks are trying to take over my desk though. I think they might breed at night.

On a good note, my writing seems to have settled into a fairly good pattern. As mentioned here, I’m working on a new project. The series title currently is Hearts of Stone, but even though I’m 30k in, I have no idea, not even a working title for it yet. Normally by this point, I have something. At best, it’s either Hearts of Stone 1 or Rory’s Story. Neither exactly inspires paroxysms of delight. Still, it’s kicked into higher gear. By the time you (the few, the loyal, the wonderful) read this, hopefully I’ll have my StoryToolz link up so you can see my progress (along with some nifty graphs if you click on the link). I write in 15-25 minute sprints. By far, the best seems to be the 20 minute sprint. I use Write or Die (the desktop version) because it forces me to focus focus focus. And I usually average between 1000 and 1400 words in a 20 minute sprint.

I decided to try to write 2000 words every day this year (starting in late January). I didn’t really make it initially, but as I’ve now settled into something of a book in progress, getting the 2k seems to be working well.

Along with the WIP (yay, it’s so awesome, and the beta readers who saw the first 3-4 chapters, which is spectacularly messy at the moment, LOVED it), I’m also working on changing me. As you may/may not remember, one of my goals this year is to become healthier (lose 100+ pounds). I finally settled in and got serious about it at the beginning of February. My starting weight 2/4 was 292.6. I’m aiming for about 1600 calories a day. Yes, I have screw ups and deliberate days where I go over, but for the most part I’ve been able to stay close to 1600 (plus or minus 150) with minimal trouble. As of this morning, I’m 278.8. 14 pounds in a month. So, I’ve got a long road ahead of me, but I can do it.

I love MyFitnessPal because it’s got such a huge database of foods in it already. You can enter homemade recipes with the specific amounts of ingredients you put in and it’ll calculate the calorie total for you. Enter your weight and how fast you want to lose, it’ll give you a calorie count.

So, here’s a picture of me as I was a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I’m wearing pink believe it or not, though I make it palatable by saying it’s rose, not pink.

Hopefully by year’s end, I’ll have a much nicer one to show. I was grumbling to my husband about it being so slow (12.5 pounds in 4 weeks, yes, I know that’s ‘great’ progress). What did he say, being the font of awesomeness that he is? “You’re just seeing it’s a small number. Lose another 12.5 next month and you’ll be 25 pounds down. Keep that up and you’ll be a size 12 by Christmas”. Put like that, it’s certainly motivating! I haven’t been a size 12 since before I hit the teen years. I don’t hold expectations of it being that fast, but it’d be nice if I were nearing 200 by Christmas.

And finally, to wrap up the blog, some cute pictures of the Shrimpettes (no Shrimp picture because I rarely can get him shot without him mugging for the camera – I prefer unposed shots). Suffice to say, the girls were not happy with the dresses I put them in.

Have a great week, everyone.


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