Six Sentence Sunday (1/6/13) – #sixsunday

Hi there everyone. It’s that time of the week again: time for six awesome sentences from hundreds of authors (list found HERE).

This week’s entry comes from Prophecy (what a shock, right? and Prophecy of Blood is now available through all traditional etailers, btw). This comes from the same scene as last week as Jordan tries to convince Christine they could have more than just a quickie.

There’s so much more though.” Each word sent vibrations through her, and she squeezed her eyes shut. Quick sex and done was how they always did it, always her way. No risk of messy emotional entanglements that way. “So much more pleasure to be had. You’re curious about how it could be between us, Chrissy; admit it.”

So there you go! Hope you like. 🙂

Coming up this week on Word-Slingers are a spotlight on SJ McMillan’s next book and interviews with Carlene Flores and Piper Denna. Hope to see you on Monday & Thursday! 



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