Happy New Years!


And here we are in 2013. I have to say I’m so glad 2012 is over, and as my husband and I said over sparkling wine – please let us have a BORING year this year.  Last year had major down-points (I had my pacemaker replaced, I lost Little Bean, and Sammie had a fever seizure).

So, how’d I do on my resolutions last year? Let’s revisit them, shall we?

2012 Resolutions/Goals:

  1. See Blood Rage in (digital) print. – Yup! And in actual print too, so I went one better on this one.
  2. Get a contract on Blood-Mage Rising and see it in (digital) print.– Check!
  3. Finish Books 3 & 4 in the Dream-Walker War series. – Half-check (got #3 written)
  4. Get contracts (if not into print) for Books 3 & 4 of the Dream-Walker War. – Half-check (actually got #3 OUT, to my ever lasting surprise, thanks to a last minute publication of it)
  5. Become a healthier person (losing weight, hopefully 100 pounds or so. Follow my progress here.) – Erm…not even an eighth of a check. Wow. Bad.

So, I won some and lost some. 😦  Here we go with the 2013 resolutions.

2013 Goals:

  1. Write Books 4-6 (or finish the series, if I do it in less than 6 books) of the Dream-Walker War.
  2. Become a healthier person (losing a significant amount of weight – no number, just good weight loss)
  3. Become a healthier person (do more exercise regularly)
  4. Write at least one or two novellas NOT in the Dream-Walker War series

Yeesh. Not so sure I can do it, but it gives me goals to work toward.

How ’bout you? Got any major resolutions for 2013?

And now to close this post, some SUPER CUTE kid pictures! Hehehe.


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