Word-Slingers – Spotlight on Adonis Devereux

I love the Adonii. I’m spotlighting their newest book, The Lotus Ascension, which is the last one set in their fantasy world.

 Adonis Devereux is two people made one. He grew up in Michigan and in rural Indiana, a Midwestern boy with a passion for story. She was rootless, a Virginia native who lived in London, Paris, and Rome before her parents settled just outside Tokyo. Like him, stories burned in her.

They met in university at a poetry reading, and their love story continued into marriage, graduate school, and half a dozen children. Now he teaches at a Japanese national university, and she teaches children to invert fractions and decline Latin nouns, all while researching ancient Roman and medieval recipes for their novels.
Together, they are Adonis Devereux, and they’re proud to have published their entire line of Gilalion books with Evernight. They’re sad to say goodbye to the fantasy world that has cradled seven amazing couples, but they’re excited about moving on to a new line of books.
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Konas Seranimesti was present eighteen years ago when the last Lotus in Arinport gave birth to twins, Soren and Sillara. Sillara was betrothed to Konas’s brother the day of her birth, and Konas has fallen in love with his brother’s promised wife.
But what can Konas do? Sillara is the daughter of a Lotus, and her life has been planned out in advance. She has never been allowed to choose anything for herself. But when her twin brother, Soren, who is himself feeling the pressures of his station, joins her on a desert hunting trip arranged by his best friend, everyone’s plans for Sillara are ruined.

Lost in the desert and assumed dead, Sillara is given choices for the first time in her life, but how can she choose a love she has never recognized? Will Sillara’s choice ruin Soren’s chance for love? And can Konas win a heart promised to another man?

Soren had no more time to pursue his dark thoughts, for the shaking of the tambourines summoned everyone to the main tent. A male and female pleasure slave, clad in near-nothingness, stood at the entrance and greeted the revelers. Nathen gave Orien a light kick.
“Get up, sleepyhead. Delight calls.”
Orien groaned, squinted against the light, and rolled over. He rose, shook the sand from his massive, muscular frame, and stretched. His face broke into a wide grin. “Is it time to travel the marshes already?”
Soren nodded.
“Merieke brought plenty of herbs, so no one has to worry about bastards, so I am going to take one of the girls for myself. You all can fight it out over whoever’s left.”
Orien, Nathen, and Soren entered the tent and were carried along on waves of music, incense, and herbs. Soren watched as a slave crushed the petals of a purple flower in his hand and threw it into the brazier. Immediately he felt his mind slipping away to that thrilling realm of supreme carnal gratification. The slaves had some touch of their master, and though Konas was not here, his influence remained. Soren knew he was in for another unforgettable orgy.
Merieke came, too, and her natural beauty shamed the crafted appearances of the pleasure slaves. She wore nothing save her jewelry, and even her brothers turned and gasped at her arrival. Gold and malachite earrings dangled from her lovely earlobes, and a wide necklace of gold and silver fashioned in the likeness of two birds’ heads looking in opposite directions lay across the upper half of her breasts. Her lips were red as the ripest apples, and black wings of kohl rose from her eyes, giving her a cat-like look. Soren was almost convinced that she was purring. A belt of thin gold coins linked together hung on her hips, drawing his attention to her exposed and beautiful pussy. Clean. No hair. Just the way the Sunjaa liked it. But most magnificent of all was Merieke’s headpiece, an ornate black wig decorated with cold-worked glass of varying colors.
“Hello, boys,” she said.
No one responded, so stunned were the men by the sudden revelation of her charms.
Soren noticed that she held something in her hand, but whatever it was, it was small enough to be concealed in her closed fist. The only thing he could see was the long ribbon of silk that hung from her hand. It put him in mind of something fun, and with a grin, he walked over to a nearby casket and rummaged through its contents of toys in search of a blindfold.
Orien took one of the slave-girls and commandeered her. Due to Orien’s unpleasantly oversized cock, that was no more than Soren expected. That left two male pleasure slaves, one female, and Merieke.
Merieke walked over to Soren, reached up inside his skirt without breaking eye contact with him, and grabbed his cock. “It’s about time, don’t you think? We’ve known each other all our lives, and still we haven’t fucked?”
Soren untied his skirt and let it fall. “Well, I’ve been at sea.” He liked bantering with her.
Merieke’s eyes glowed. “From what I hear about what you sailors do to each other at sea, I’d say you’re more than ready to take what I’m offering.”
Soren grinned and ran his hands through his long hair, freeing any small tangles from his horns. “I’ll make your first time with an Ausir something to remember.”
Merieke went up on her tiptoes and kissed Soren’s mouth. “And I’ll make your first time with me unforgettable.”
Soren smiled back at Nathen, who nodded his approval. Merieke’s brother turned his attention toward a female pleasure slave, invited a male pleasure slave to join them, and moved off. Knowing that he was going to tell Sillara everything about this afterward, Soren resolved to thoroughly thank Merieke for her kindness in giving Sillara her first climax.
The part of Soren that was the attentive lover wished he had asked Nathen what kind of lover Merieke was, what she liked and disliked, and what she liked even if she did not know she liked it or just would not admit it to herself. But the other side of Soren, that adventurous side that liked a bit of a surprise, was glad to be sailing into uncharted waters. The sea had never looked more inviting.
Soren sensed that Merieke, in her excitement, wanted to lead, and he obliged her. He knew that some people dealt with their nervousness by overcompensating in matters of control. Soren could wait to assert himself; besides, he was happy to see what Merieke would do.
Merieke laid Soren down on a pile of soft pillows and leaned over him, arching her fingers in order to press her nails into his chest. Her hands played with Soren’s body, traveling over his shoulders, and down his muscular arms. She traced the wide wings of the proud falcon tattooed beautifully across his chest. She leaned in closer to play with the hair at the nape of his neck, and as she tousled his locks, she kissed his throat. Soren moaned and relaxed into the pillows. Merieke only used her left hand. Her right hand still held her secret.
The passion of Merieke’s kisses increased, and she, too, moaned as she rubbed her tits against Soren’s skin. Soren kneaded her breasts, ending each long caress in a pinch of her nipples. He breathed deep of the spices in the fibers of her wig, and his cock surged to life. In moments it was achingly hard. Merieke trailed her kisses across his collarbone and down his chest. She stopped at his nipple for a nibble, and Soren thrust his cock up into her stomach. The hard shaft slapped against her skin, and she looked up into his eyes and smiled.
Her kisses continued down to his navel, and there she paused to lick. With her left hand, she reached down and grasped Soren’s cock, working it in preparation for her tongue. She jacked him off against her throat, moving the head of his cock down her jawline and across her chin. Merieke’s tongue flicked out, almost touching it but not quite. Soren smiled at her game. Soon it would be his turn.
Without warning, Merieke devoured Soren’s cock, the pleasure of which caused him to suck in his breath and hold it. Her lips held his hard shaft against her ever-moving tongue. Her head bobbed up and down, and Soren groaned in pleasure to see his cock disappearing into the mouth he had wanted to fuck for so long. Merieke looked up into his eyes while she sucked. She knew exactly what to do.
But then something happened that surprised and impressed Soren, a man impressed by nothing where sex was concerned. Soren was so far more advanced than any of his lovers that no one had ever been able to catch him unawares in the bedroom.
Merieke did. As she sucked, she dropped both her hands below Soren’s legs so that her hands were out of sight. Soren knew she was up to something, but he could not guess what. Then he felt something cool against his asshole, and he looked down in surprise. Merieke managed to smile while still keeping his cock in her mouth.
Soren was open to anything, so he trusted Merieke to please him. So far she was doing an excellent job. He relaxed his asshole and let Merieke slip inside whatever she wanted to put there. Whatever it was, it was not very big. Not as big as a cock. And then a most pleasing vibrating sensation filled his back passage.


Word-Slingers – Spotlight on Kashif Ross

I’m happy to welcome back guest Kashif Ross with two more books in his Barcode series. Thanks for coming by, Kashif, to share more of your books! (His interview/first book can be found here)

Kashif Ross was born and raised in the Wild West. Unfortunately, there were no epic chase scenes on horses in his neighborhoods, so he began creating stories that would liven things up a bit. Many would say he allowed his imagination to get the best of him, so he became obsessed with creating stories, but that’s just a fabrication. In reality, he only dedicates half of his life to writing. The rest of his time is spent plotting world domination.
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Kay has a new life and identity, but he can’t stop thinking about the past. The longer he’s away from his abusive mother and Helios, the more he obsesses over them. In order to kill the woman that pitted him against Spencer, Kay re-enrolls at Colt Academy and watches his brother’s every move.

Upon his return, Kay befriends a beautiful warrior that may have the hots for him. Unable to trust her intentions, he keeps his distance like he does with everyone else. Yet, his dark heart leads him back to Angie. Like his plan for Spencer to fight Helios, Kay develops a scheme to strengthen the gladiator princess. And this time, he’s willing to put his life on the line.

Dennis convinces Kay to change his appearance, but it comes at a cost; he becomes half the man he once was. Without his power, Kay must use his intuition to sneak out of deadly situations. There’s a parade of obstacles in his way, including his own fate, which many people know about, but he knows very little.

I’m not only breaking his arm, but wrenching and tearing the muscles.

Geb screams from the pain as I sit up to nail down his other arm with a short blade that Shiva just provided me with. Leaning back I interrogate him by screaming, “Why does Eve want Dennis’ arm? Say it or I’ll do this for hours.”

Not providing him with time to recover or answer, I twist his arm and tighten my legs around his neck. Once I’ve caused just the right amount of pain, I release him and grab the blade. Ferociously, I drag the small sword through the ground and his flesh, which slices his bicep in half.

I convert Shiva into a gun and aim at his legs. Geb cries, “Please. Please. No.” He wants to hold his arms, but neither moves at his command. He wails from the pain. He’s probably never suffered from so much damage; he’s not used to this type of agony. “Please,” he sputters.

I fire four more shots into his legs. “I’m not patient enough for this. Speak through the pain or I’ll keep going until you bleed out.”

“She!” He shouts in a swarm of tears, trying to get any word out that he can. “She wants his arm because his son cut off hers. She and Helios have been working nonstop to get her an arm, but none are strong enough to merge with her body. Helios believes that a really powerful barcode could solve the problem and Dennis has the best one.”

“Where is she?”

“I don’t know.” Shiva omits a humming sound as I provide her with energy. “I don’t know! I don’t! Please stop. Please!”

     “Sure.” I shoot Geb in the head three times. “Let’s go Blue.”
Kode spent four years searching for the HATS, fighting battles that put his team members’ lives in danger. Now, he struggles to pursue his desire to avenge the mother that loved him and kill the one filled with hatred. But he hasn’t gotten any closer to his goals and his ceremonial bandages only make his day to day life more agonizing.

After finding a clue that could finally lead him to the device, Kode and Seth embark on a stealthy mission to challenge Helios’ men. The two run into more than just a few soldiers, but an entire army led by a traitorous Colt Council member.

Given the opportunity, Kode and Seth flee for safety, but they are hunted relentlessly by a plethora of new and old enemies. In order to save the life of his only living son, Blake sends the team to the one place they can find refuge until Kode can remove his bandages. Angie, Jamie, Kode, Richard, and Seth must live in a library located in Helios’ hometown of New York City.

When Kode opens his eyes to the severity of his situation, it’s too late. He’s surrounded by the familiar Swagger, the pretentious Cane, and the beautifully valiant Valerie Death. The codenames are just as mysterious as their omnipotent leader, Minister E.

The time for lies and games cannot last much longer. Angie and Kode’s relationship with Helios will finally be revealed and the team will learn that everything in the dark will be brought to light or dragged to the trenches of Tartarus.

I enter We Fry and stand in line with the other burger patriots. The obese woman ahead of me orders a turkey bacon zebra burger with sweet potato chili cheese fries; it all comes fried naturally. After debating on buying a milk shake, she decided to order a diet soft drink to watch her weight. That’ll help.

When the dieting binge eater rolls out of the way, a young lady with braces drones, “Welcome to We Fry, what can I get you?”

“A cheeseburger, but don’t fry it.”

She snarls, “Why?”

“I’m not really sure how to respond. Throw the meat on a bun and hand it to me. You’ll be surprised to know people eat burgers like that.”


That’s going to get me in trouble. Neighborhoods like this are filled with greasy foods designed to kill low socioeconomic consumers faster than they’re already dying. It seems that high murder rates and toxic mold isn’t enough. Companies produce food for next to nothing and convince shoppers that they’re paying reasonable prices for genetically enhanced heart attacks and strokes. If I tell her where she’d get a healthier burger, it’ll only make things worse.

“You know what, fry that sucker twice and add some gravy with hot sauce. Feed me.”

“Whatever,” she snaps while holding out her hand. I pull my tattoo card from my pocket and pass it to the pale pimple faced kid. Maybe it’d be best to avoid upsetting her anymore. With puberty and her period both striking at once, Ms. Attitude is likely to scream at me until she’s pink.

Final Six Sentence Sunday (1/27/13) – #sixsunday

Wow, ’tis a sad day and end of an era with Six Sentence Sunday going away. However, I’ve already heard about at least two alternatives cropping up. The list for everyone else that’s participating in this final day is HERE.

Today’s entry is one last look at Prophecy of Blood (as far as Six Sentence Sunday goes). Jordan and Chris are getting…friendly. And then, just as they’re getting involved, it takes a turn she certainly wouldn’t have expected from a man.

Lips trailed a path of fire down her bare shoulder. His teeth tugged on her bra strap before, unbelievably, he pulled back. His hands firmed about her waist, and he set her back. “No.” 

Shock blossomed, and she stared at him in disbelief. “No? What the hell do you mean, no?”

Hope you have a great Sunday and let’s look forward to February and finding a replacement for our beloved SSS!

Word-Slingers – Guest Interview Laura DeLuca

Welcome back for another installment of Word-Slingers. Today I’m interviewing Laura DeLuca, author of Destiny and Destiny Unveiled. Let’s make her feel welcome, everyone!

1) How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Even back in second grade I was writing little stories to entertain my friends.

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

I have four kids, we own a restaurant, I am a mommy blogger, and I work on my writing daily.  Sometimes is tough juggling it all. Sometimes I fall behind on deadlines, but I just do the best I can and take things one day at a time. (TM – Aint dat da truth?)

3) What can you tell us about your releases Destiny and Destiny Unveiled? What I’m looking for is the story about how the story came to be, not just the blurb and what not. J

Destiny is a story that grew from my love of all things magical. I started writing it back in 1994 when I was in high school. I had the whole thing written but the ending. It wasn’t until I starting practicing Wicca that I finally knew how the story was supposed to end. Originally, the book was supposed to be a stand-alone. The sequel was inspired by my friend and coven sister, Donna, who became one of the new characters in the second book.

4) What is it about the paranormal that you like so much?

I have always been drawn to witchcraft and now that I follow Wicca as my spiritual path, it was inspired me to share a little of that real life magick in my writing. Of course it is exaggerated for the sake of entertainment but the rituals and beliefs in the Destiny series have a basis in the real Wiccan religion.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I already have moved to several other genres. I have two thrillers out, a fantasy, and I even just finished up a short paranormal romance that will be featured in an anthology. (TM – Sweeeet!)

6) Sweet or sour?


7) Chocolate or vanilla?


Laura “Luna” DeLuca lives at the beautiful Jersey shore with her husband and four children. She loves writing in the young adult genre because it keeps her young at heart.  In addition to writing fiction, Laura is also the sole author of a popular review blog called New Age Mama. She is an active member of her local pagan community, and has been studying Wicca for close to eight years. 


Gabriella is a witch. The problem is, she doesn’t remember. She repressed the memories of her powers years ago when her mother was murdered. Now, the warlock who was responsible for her mother’s death has set his sights on Gabriella. He is determined to use her fear to turn her to the dark side of magick…even if it kills her. Her mother’s spirit is reaching out to warn her, but even that she pushes away. Desperate to save her daughter, the spirit finds a male witch–one that just happens to be in love with Gabriella. Darron is more than willing to help but the two young witches will have way more to battle than just an evil warlock. There are overbearing jocks and petty rich girls who get tempers flaring and often set Gabriella and Darron at odds.

There is more to the story than Gabriella and Darron could even imagine. There are terrible secrets to be revealed, battles to be waged, and lives will be lost. Only after Gabriella and Darron both come to terms with who they really are, and open themselves up to the true meaning of magick, can they have any hope of fulfilling their destiny.

Gabriella and Darron thought their magickal battle was over when they defeated the evil warlock, Richard. When her Aunt Donna seeks Gabriella’s help in rescuing her catatonic daughter from the Dark Coven, Gabriella discovers that her cousin holds a power within her that would be catastrophic in the hands of the evil witches. Gabriella’s coven sets out on a journey that may be their last. Along the way, they meet new allies, face devastating treachery, and battle not only the Dark Coven, but the darkness within themselves. When Gabriella finally comes face to face with the cousin she never knew existed, her true destiny is unveiled, and the fate of the mortal world is in her hands.

Word-Slingers – Guest Interview Cameo Renae

1)                  How long have you been writing?

Well, if we start from the beginning…my grandma said at the age of three, one of my favorite pastimes was taking a book and copying the words onto my own paper. Yeah. I must have been a really fun child. haha

I’ve always had a love for writing since grade school, but really became serious around ten years ago. I started with short stories, and had so much wonderful feedback. My first attempt at a full length novel was a Fantasy story which is still sitting unfinished in my computer. I started In My Dreams in 2010 and after a full year, I self-published it. It became my debut novel, but was recently picked up and re-published through Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. Hidden Wings was the next project, and took about six months to write.   

2)                 How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

Right now I am blessed to have my family and writing. During the day, it’s family time. I watch my 1 year old grandson and do all the household things. Night-time is my magic time. When everyone is sleeping snugly in their beds, I get out my laptop, plug in my earphones, and enter my writing world.

3)                 What can you tell us about your release Hidden Wings? What I’m looking for is the story about how the story came to be, not just the blurb and what not. J

Hidden Wings actually started as an idea, which sparked from In My Dreams (my debut novel). I loved the Guardians of In My Dreams, so much, that I wanted them to have a story of their own. I’m glad I did and am thrilled with how the story is turning out. I’ve literally fallen in love with ALL of my new characters and their snarky, crazy, hilarious, kick butt selves. 

4)                 What is it about the mix of genres (YA paranormal romance/suspense etc.) that you like so much?

I love to be entertained, and a great book that will whisk me away into another world, and also take me on a wild adventure. But, I also love a bit of romance. Who doesn’t? A touch of romance is great in a novel, and combined with suspense and mystery…. For me it doesn’t get any better. I love a book that will keep me gripped and glued to the pages, and makes me not want to put it down until the very end.

5)                 Do you think you’ll solidify into one genre or another, rather than the extensive mix found in Hidden Wings, and if yes, what to and when?

I can’t really say. My characters are the ones who usually dictate the direction and outcome of my stories. Sometimes I just sit back and write, and am completely amazed at what happens. Right now, I’m kind of in a mixed mode, but who knows what the future holds. I’m just as excited to find out.

6)                 Sweet or sour?

Sweet, but I do love sweet and sour shrimp. Does that count? (TM – of course! Yum…well, the sweet & sour part anyway. Not a big shrimp fan)

7)                 Chocolate or vanilla?

Definitely Chocolate. 

My name is Cameo Renae Rosete, but as an author, I go by Cameo Renae. (It was actually my husbands idea.) I am married to my best friend, and we have two children together (teenagers now). They have been my encouragement and constant support through this whole process. Oh… and did I mention critics! 🙂 In a good way though… My kids think I’m random and weird; their eyes tend to roll a lot when I’m around, and my husband… well, he just laughs and says I’m entertaining.
We recently moved from Maui, Hawaii  (where I ‘ve lived most of my life) to Alaska…. Yep, I know. I can hear you now…What? Why? Are they crazy?

Well, majority of my family moved up to the AK, (see…they started it!) but we still have a lot of family that lives back on Maui, so we will be flying back and forth between the 49th and 50th states. 🙂 Two amazingly beautiful places. I am a very lucky girl!
When I started In My Dreams, I never thought it would turn out the way it did. I really had no plan, and no structure. I just wrote, and it became. I’ve been perceived as a happy, random, funny (depends on your kind of humor) person. But the story is dark and kind of sad – totally unlike my personality. (There are bits of humor inserted! :))
I love watching paranormal shows, ghost stories, anything with vampires, zombies, aliens, and angels…oh, and great love stories… I guess that’s why In My Dreams came out the way it did.  
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Seventeen, for Emma Wise, would be a life changing year; sole survivor in car wreck which robbed her of the parents she loved, started a spiral of blurry happenings. A broken arm and few scrapes and bruises are all the outward marks she bares, but inside, her heart is broken and the pieces scattered to the ends of the earth. Whisked away to Alaska, and an aunt she’s never met, Emma must start all over… broken and alone.
 Escorted by the gorgeous Kade Anders, Emma succumbs to a new barrage of feelings. Warmth rushes through her, accompanied by dizzy, euphoric feelings she’s never thought possible. His touch is electrifying to her body and soul. And…it’s only just begun for her.

 The secrets unveiling themselves to Emma are going to send her life into a whirlwind of deceit. Her parents, who she loved dearly, weren’t hers at all, and she’s not who she thought she was, or even what she thought she was. Being one of a kind has now placed Emma in the heart of a danger she knew nothing about. Centuries have been passed, awaiting her arrival, and now creatures of horrifying, evil proportions are coming for her. With the help of six, mind-numbingly beautiful Guardians, and the Aunt she’s just beginning to know, she must be kept safe until her eighteenth birthday. Only then, her transformation will be complete, and she will have a chance at survival. Time will tell what Emma will become, and if she will survive to see eighteen.

Word-Slingers – Guest Rachell Nichole

Welcome to a brand new week. Hope you had a great weekend. I had a semi-sick twin and uber-cranky second twin. I’m glad it’s Monday now. So, let’s get to know today’s guest, Rachell Nichole!

1) How long have you been writing?

Forever… haha. Well, okay, it seems like forever to me. Since I was young. Nine, ten, maybe.

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

Wow. Well, I’ve just finished an Master’s in Fine Arts, about five days ago, so up until then, I was juggling being a full-time Masters student, working 30 hours a week, launching a writing career, in two genres (erotic romance and paranormal romance), and I have a very crazy, loving, and supportive family that I often cook and clean for. I have no social life at all! That really is the only way to juggle all of this insanity. Now that I’ve graduated, I might maybe have a bit more free time.

3) What can you tell us about your release An Affair Across Times Square? What I’m looking for is the story about how the story came to be, not just the blurb and what not. J

Oh, I love telling this story! I was at a conference in New York at a hotel and came back one afternoon to change in my room and realized that even several stories up, you could see directly across Times Square into the windows of the businesses across the street! I had just been asked by Serena, my editor at Loose Id, to write her an erotic romance and the seed of an idea was born! In my book, this is where the heroine Layla takes off the rest of her clothes. I’m just not that risqué!  

4) What is it about the erotic romance genre that you like so much?

I love romances of all kinds really, because I believe in love. I am particularly drawn to the fantasy elements of romance novels, particularly the naughty ones. The naughtier the better in my book.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I also write paranormal romance and romantic suspense, though I’m unpublished in those genres. I don’t know as if I’ll ever stop writing erotic romance though.

6) Sweet or sour?

Sweet, definitely. I have a huge sweet tooth.

7) Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate, of course! 

Rachell Nichole is saucy mama who writes Sizzling Romantic Entanglements. She is the author of An Affair Across Times Square, Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce, and A Marietta Wedding. Rachell lives in New York with a mountain of books, a loving family, and an evil cat named Godiva that she adores.

Layla Morgan is tired of getting into trouble, and getting hurt. And she fears her wild nature is going to strike yet again. But maybe this time, she’s finally met the guy that can stand close enough to touch her inner flames, and not get burned.

Tyler Lachlan doesn’t stand a chance of resisting the delicious distraction of the mystery woman across Times Square. He’s sure there’s more to her than her sultry voice and mahogany thighs, but he doesn’t know if he’s willing to risk his career to find out. 

Could what began as a voyeuristic affair across Times Square develop into something more?

Layla froze as he came back into view.

Gorgeous. A trim goatee covered his square jaw, making him look distinguished. She’d never thought Times Square was so big and small at the same time. Before, she hadn’t really thought of it at all except with some barely concealed disdain. She watched as he went about what appeared to be normal business, his thick shoulders bunching with every movement. He shuffled a few papers on his desk, sat down, and fiddled with his computer. Not once did he look out his window again. Layla ignored the sinking feeling at his lack of attention.

She refused to open the curtain the rest of the way and try to entice him, as much as she wished to. Because this could be almost as dangerous as another affair with a married man. So she contented herself with watching him until he looked up. Her breath caught in her throat. He shook his head and returned to his work. Could he feel her watching him? He glanced at her again. Could he see her watching him? She held his gaze through the half-inch gap in the fabric and waited, holding her breath until he looked down again. She dropped the curtain.

Her plan to release some steam and settle down had been blown to shreds, because now her stomach was knotted with the what-ifs. The soft carpet against the backs of her thighs tickled, urging her to move. Her body still felt too sensitive, too aroused. She needed to shower and get her head screwed on straight. And stay as far away from her window as possible until she figured out what to do.

Grabbing the edge of the table, Layla pulled herself up and slid off her high heels, using the solid surface beneath her fingers for support. She walked on shaky legs through the living room and kitchenette area, then into her bedroom and to the bathroom, refusing to look back and steal a glimpse. Thank God the curtains in the bedroom were closed too. She set her glasses on the sink. Had he been as turned on as she was?

She closed herself into the bathroom. Mulling over the ideas in her head, she rolled down her black thigh-highs one at a time. Maybe she could leave her curtains open tomorrow morning when she got home just to see what would happen. He probably wouldn’t even be there. She didn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed about that. She shook her head, deciding it didn’t matter.

After unhooking her bra, she tossed it and her panties in the corner with the rest of her dirties. The maids must love me. Though, of course, they did, and she knew it. They’d told her before that they didn’t mind taking care of her, and for that she was grateful. She turned on the hot water and stepped into the shower. She let the heat seep into her muscles and relax her shoulders. Sitting down in the tub, Layla grabbed the stopper and let the showerhead fill the basin with water. She lay back until the water covered her stomach, all the while trying to decide if she should give in to her wild nature and torture Mr. Times Square.

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Six Sentence Sunday (1/13/13) – #sixsunday

Morning everyone! Today’s entry comes from the fledgling (translation: highly unedited and unfinished) WIP, the fourth book in the Dream-Walker War, which at the moment stars Ronnie, Dara’s assistant at the Bureau. Dara has just gotten some news that is disturbing on many levels.

“Acting President Kazinski called, and since I’m currently in charge, his orders of course fall to me to carry out.”

Ronnie blinked, staring as she climbed to her feet. “Kazinski’s Secretary of Health and Species Services. Wh, why did you just call him Acting President?”

To get to the Secretary of Health, ten people would have to be missing in the chain of inheritance of the presidency. Ten powerful people.

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Word-Slingers (2/2) – Guest Piper Denna

Hi there again everyone. My second guest today is Piper Denna. I had the good fortune to meet Ms. Denna at the very first RomCon out in Denver in 2010 though she wouldn’t remember me, and she was a heck of lot of fun at the erotica mad-libs game.

1) How long have you been writing?

Always! But I wrote my first novel about 7 years ago, and first got published about 4 years ago.

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

Content editing (currently have 27 authors on my roster), overseeing the other editors as EIC at Lyrical Press, mom, wife, writing as Autumn Piper, and writing as Piper Denna. 

And they’re seldom all in the air at once. LOL. Pretty much at any given time, something is coming crashing down. But I think that’s the new American Dream, right?

3) What can you tell us about your release Fantasy Mountain. What I’m looking for is the story about how the story came to be, not just the blurb and what not. J

Remember the old TV show, Fantasy Island, with Mr. Roarke, and Tattoo? I loved the concept of guests arriving at the island resort and being able to act out/live any fantasy. While I believe on the island they used magic, I figured with the right props and enough backstage hands, people could live out their sexual fantasies at a resort, too. And there was my setting. Then I threw in an emotionally damaged proprietor who had a knack for dragging true wishes out of her clients, and a penchant for getting details right, plus her business partner, a yummy determined lawyer with an English accent, and the characters pretty much told me their story.

4) What is it about the erotic romance that you like so much?

I write what I read, and I nearly always read romance. Nothing quite like that feeling when you get all twisted up inside over the characters’ emotional conflict. In erotic romance you also get the hot scenes revving your engine and making your heart race. I’ve read some fairly sweet romances with awesome conflict that were just as satisfying in the end as the hottest reads, but I do enjoy a well-written racy scene.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I’m pretty happy writing erotic romance as Piper Denna and mainstream contemporary romance as Autumn Piper. Two “me”s are enough. lol (TM – I should think so. Hehehe)

6) Sweet or sour?

I like them mixed together. Sometimes with Amaretto…

7) Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate to eat; vanilla to smell. I love vanilla in perfumes and candles or air fresheners.

Romance is sexy. And often funny, and sometimes tangled up with suspense. Let’s face it: all sorts of things get mixed up with romance in real life. Piper Denna’s stories are not cut-and-dried romance. She wants her characters to deal with issues female readers can relate to: independence and trust, empowerment, inhibitions, an unfaithful partner, motherhood. Sometimes her characters make mistakes and often her “bad guys” are not 100% bad. Mostly she wants to take the reader on an emotional journey to a happy ending…with a few enviable sexual encounters along the way.When she’s not writing, she edits, raises two teens along with her husband, and has an evil day job.She enjoys books–or movies–with a comedic twist and hopefully a love story with lots of tension, too.Sexiest parts of a man in Piper’s opinion? The hands and eyes. Shoulders are nice too, and of course, great pecs are never amiss…

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She arranges fantasy fulfillment for a living. Now it’s her turn.
Victoria has built a world-renowned business at Fantasy Mountain, the resort where no want is too wacky, no urge too unusual, no passion too peculiar. Her ability to create any sexual scenario has granted her everything she could want: power, money, independence. The one thing that remains out of her reach is the man she knows she’ll never have…and he happens to work just down the hall from her.
Brett has all but given up hope of breaching the wall around Victoria’s heart. In fact, he’s engaged to be married back in London in only two months. But he knows Victoria has desires; he’s seen them firsthand.
When a night of passion rekindles old feelings, can he finally fulfill the ultimate fantasy of the woman who’s made it her mission to satisfy everyone’s desires but her own? After all, whatever the erotic dream, it can come true at Fantasy Mountain.
Content Warning: Wild romps, no-holds-barred lust, and deep, meaningful lovemaking. A love story first, sparing no steamy details. Contains glimpses into very kinky fantasies.


He cradled Vic’s face in his hands, tracing dark circles under her eyes with his thumbs. “If you weren’t out drinking and cavorting with rakes all night, you’d not be so tired, miss,” he teased softly.

She swallowed hard and looked at the floor. “I was in by ten.” Was she hiding something? “I just didn’t…rest well.”

Of course. The damn dreams. She never rested when she went to California, and here he’d been begrudging her the best diversion she had from those nightmares.

“Ah, Vic. I’m sorry.” Her eyes teared up, right before she narrowed them on him. She’d be pissed off now because he felt sorry for her. Already her cheeks were turning that angry pink he so enjoyed. The green eyes squinted smaller, and her jaws tightened under the heels of his hands. Glorious angry, she was. He couldn’t help smiling again, which would only serve to further infuriate her.

She took in a great breath. He knew she intended to spew it back out on him in a flurry of irate words, but he stole it from her first. He kissed her, as he seemed to do more often than he cared to acknowledge, and stalled the angry reply.

Even as his lips brushed against her soft ones, he thought of her kissing another, and his pulse beat faster. The sweet gesture to show her he would sympathize with her whether she liked it or not became a fierce need to make her want him. Instead of a tender, closed-mouth kiss, he forced her lips apart and probed with his tongue. He longed to taste and feel her desire, her need for him and him alone. To have her love him.

He got the desire, at least. She slipped her smooth arms round his neck and matched him move for move. He’d known she would. It was constantly there with them, this physical need. Though she strove to suppress it in the name of business ethics, he could sense it always, carefully hidden. And damn if it didn’t drive him mad to know she wanted him but didn’t love him. Besides, she had more self-control than he did. As usual, she found her senses first and pulled away from him.

“Andrea,” was her breathless one-word way of halting him. It worked famously.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s double-shot of Word-Slingers, everyone! Have a great week.

Word-Slingers (1/2) – Guest Carlene Love Flores

Today, I’m lucky enough to be visited by two fabulous authors. First up on the agenda is Carlene Love Flores, fellow Evernight author and an all-around pretty nice lady who’s touring to introduce her January 11 release, Sidewalk Flower

1) How long have you been writing?

Hi there!  I’m one of those who took a while to realize I could write down all the stuff swirling around in my head.  J  So, I’ve been writing for four years this November but the stories have been with me for a loooonnnngggg time. J 

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.) 

Well, I’ve taken notes and listened closely to my writing friends who juggle an amazing amount of balls on a daily basis, far more than I do, and have worked out a pretty good routine for myself.  I write full-time from home so let’s just pause here and allow me to pledge my eternal gratitude to hubby and son.  They are so supportive and make keeping all my balls in the air a possibility. 

3) What can you tell us about your release Sidewalk Flower?

Sure thing.  The story of how Sidewalk Flower came to be starts with the heroine, Trista.  She’s a girl who I’d been thinking about for many years, way before I ever thought of writing stories down.  But I knew her.  And I knew she needed to be loved but I could never find her a hero strong enough to do that.  So that she wouldn’t think I’d forgotten about her, I would write Trista poems.  One of them was how she was like a flower who had fought her way up through the cracks in a sidewalk.

Then, about six years ago, I had the incredible opportunity to spend some time with the security manager for one of my favorite bands.  We saw how things worked behind the scenes on a major tour and I could imagine Trista in that world.

A couple years later, I happened to see a contestant on a popular singing show who was being told he lacked the things needed to be successful in the music business.  That young man stuck to his guns, did his own thing, and ended up becoming successful.  I knew then that Trista’s hero would have to be equally tough and humble.   Lucky is a great hero.  And thank goodness, Trista agrees 😉

4) What is it about the contemporary genre that you like so much? 

In the contemporary genre, I feel like I can write a story that is filled with fantasy but is absolutely plausible.  The situations the characters get themselves into and the intimacy might be heightened and extreme at times, but these things could happen to us.  I find that exciting.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I read and enjoy so much paranormal romance that sometimes I wonder why I haven’t written one of my own.  I’m drawn to the darkness and tragedy of many of the paranormal characters’ pasts.  But I absolutely love writing contemporary.  J  So I plan to stay here for now.  Plus, I’ve got some more stories to tell that are related to Sidewalk Flower characters.  J

6) Sweet or sour?

SWEET as in if the recipe calls for one cup of suga, I’m gonna give it the whole bag just for good measure 😉  (Yes, spelled just like that.  You can’t say “suga” without a smile.)

7) Chocolate or vanilla?

Dark chocolate makes me happy from the inside out but I would never turn down a chocolate/vanilla swirl cone so I think I’m saying BOTH J

Carlene Love Flores is a big fan of the stars (especially Orion), honest music (especially Depeche Mode), and her travelling family (no favorites there-she loves them all).  These things have always inspired her to think up stories and continue to do so. Carlene feels honored to be a member of RWA, WRW, and The Waterworld Mermaids.   She currently lives in the D.C. area where she can often be found listening to live music and looking up at the sky on clear nights.  If she could touch someone’s heart with her writing the way others have done for her, she’d say truly there never lived a luckier girl.


In Sidewalk Flower, a jaded young woman sets out on an intense road trip home to deal with her past when she is asked to allow a relative stranger to tag along.
But, she’s seen too many good guys succumb to the harsh realities of her supposed privileged life in the music business and intends on keeping her distance.
When she picks up Lucky, the southern gentleman cousin of her selfish best friend, she has absolutely no idea of how to accept a perfectly good person with good intentions.  Home has never looked so good, or felt so far away.
And there you have her, Carlene Love Flores!

Word-Slingers – Guest Spotlight SJ McMillan

It’s my pleasure to welcome back SJ McMillan with another book in her City of the Gods series.

I live in Southwest Missouri with my super supportive husband and our three energetic young rascals. I work as an administrative assistant during the week. Now I get to add published author to my list of roles I play in life.

Being an author was not my first career choice. In my younger years I wanted to be a dancer, but dance lessons are expensive! I also wanted to be Dolly Parton from The Best Little Whore House in Texas. I could really belt out Itty Bitty Piss Ant Country Place, just ask my parents, or their former neighbors.

After a slew of other interesting job choices, I just could not shake the writing bug I picked up in high school. I started writing poetry and still write a poem whenever inspiration hits me. I also love to read, especially paranormal romances and urban fantasies. The love of reading is what spawned the desire to try my hand at writing a novel of my very own.

I love creating the characters and giving them their own personalities and voices. I have also come to enjoy writing fight scenes. My husband (the wonderful man that he is) will act them out with me so I know exactly how I need to show it to the audience. Call us crazy if you like, but it’s really fun to act out a scene using a broom handle as a spear and a foam baseball bat as an axe.

I hope you enjoy City of the Gods: The Descendant. The second book of the trilogy is being edited and I’m working on the third and final book now. I love to hear from fellow authors and readers. You can find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mcmillansj, on Twitter at www.twitter.com/mcmillansj, or swing by my website at www.mcmillansj.com.


In 700 A.D. Teotihuacan, Mexico, the High Priest believed himself to be a powerful as the gods. He set a plague on the city as a demonstration of his power. The Gods took pity on the remaining loyal congregation. They granted each survivor immortality and an extraordinary ability. Three loyal survivors were given a mission of great importance: train the lone human descendant of their civilization to stop the evil priest from damning the rest of humanity.

Now in San Diego, California, the time has come to finally make Katalina Deckard aware of her destiny. Her life has been a constant struggle since the loss of her parents when she was young. These struggles have made her a fighter, but she doesn’t believe they have prepared her to save the world. Her friends, who have survived for so long, must convince her that she has what it takes to accept the mantle of the Redeemer.

“Who did this?” Tristan asked quietly, almost more to himself than to Kat.
“Probably that bastard Ryan. He is going to pay for every last thing he demolished,” Kat replied, assuming Tristan was speaking about the chaos throughout the rest of the house. She stepped forward and looked around the room once more. It was then that she noticed the black flowers sitting on her dresser. Kat walked over and pulled the small white card from them. She opened the envelope to reveal a card with a beautiful picture of the same flower in white. Tristan came to stand behind her as she opened the card. It was a simple message, but one she would not soon forget.
I am coming for you.
Tristan plucked the card from her hand and reread it. Kat stood frozen in place, shocked and confused. Her mind raced with unanswerable questions. Who was coming for her? What did they want from her? Was this actually some sick joke Ryan was playing or was someone really coming to get her? Her stomach churned and her head began to pound. She doubled over in pain while fear of the unknown trespasser flooded her brain. It was all too overwhelming.
Kat hugged her arms around her stomach. Her legs gave out and she fell to her knees on the floor. A cold sweat broke on her forehead. Kat was almost glad when black spots started to swim in her vision. She tried to ask Tristan for help, but she could not find her voice. Dizziness engulfed her, and she felt herself begin to fall the rest of the way to the floor. Tristan caught her just before her head and the floor collided. She could barely hear his concerned voice calling her name as the blackness surrounded her.
“Katalina, open your eyes.” Tristan shook her a bit, hoping she would regain consciousness. Sabine and Vivian had heard the commotion, rushed into the room, and directly to Kat’s side. To Tristan’s great relief, Katalina’s eyes opened a crack, enough to see the intensely harsh gaze she gave him. Tristan looked to the girls, who looked equally surprised by her reaction.
“Katalina?” Tristan questioned.
“Leave her alone,” Katalina responded and her nearly black eyes closed once again.
There you have it. Hope you enjoyed this brief look at City of the Gods: The Descendant!