Cover Reveal, #sixsunday, and Post 300!

Good morning everyone! Hope you’re having a fabulous Sunday. Mine just started, but I get to look at the pretty cover I’m about to share with all of you, for the upcoming release of Prophecy of Blood, so it’s pretty good.

While the picture of Jordan threw me off for a bit, I quickly got over it and this is my favorite of my three covers.

Okay, onto Six Sentence Sunday (remember to check out the others HERE). The cover above plays in, since my six this week are from Prophecy.  Chris and Jordan are discussing the legality of using sleeping spells on unsuspecting people.

“It’s legal in the UK as well, though on the darker shade of gray, headed for black. One of Her Majesty’s children apparently used a sleeping charm on her when she was expected to address Parliament. Since then she’s taken a dim view of magical pranks.”

Chris cackled at the notion. For all their faults, the mage-born could have a heck of a lot of fun. Even the stodgy humans enjoyed playing with magic.

Hope you enjoyed! This was post 300, but beyond the cover reveal, I have nothing to special to commemorate the occasion. Ah well.

Coming up on Word-Slingers this week, I will be interviewing Cheryl Douglas and Ashley Nemer. Hope to see you then!



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