Six Sentence Sunday (12/2/12) – #sixsunday

Today’s Six Sentence Sunday entry comes from Blood Rage. I haven’t shared anything from it for a while, so I thought it might make a nice change. Strangely, it still features Jordan, buuuut it’s the Jordan who’s not busy being distracted by a certain blood-mage.

The 411 on this scene: Dara and Jordan are getting ready to confront one of the people who killed Dara’s relative, Sarah. He’s not sure she’s capable of torturing the man, and he’s making it clear he’ll accept nothing but the strong (slightly crazy) woman she’s capable of being. Jordan and Dara do not like each other.

“At Vinnie’s, will you be Athdara MacKechnie, America’s Favorite Liaison, wringing your hands in angst over hurting the little cretin who ripped your niece’s flesh from her bones? Or will you choose to be the bitch who came here yesterday to make me suffer for what I did to you? You can’t be both, I promise. Get such ideas out of your head right now. There is no middle ground. You are either judge and executioner, or you are worthless.”

Hope you’ll check out the other many wonderful entries at the Six Sunday website. 

Coming up this week, I will be interviewing Kim Carmichael and LM Preston. Hope to see you then.



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