Six Sentence Sunday (11/25/12) – #sixsunday

Good morning guys and gals. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and Black Friday (for those in the States) and a super week (for those who aren’t in the States). 

I’ve been buried for the past week and a half in edits on Prophet. It’s been quite an experience as I had to totally change a particular part of the plot, and after long discussion with SEEGL (definition found HERE), I had to go back and rewrite many of the smaller scenes to account for changes in the overall scope of the book. So it’s been a lot of work, but hopefully will do good things.

Today’s entry on SSS comes from one of the chapter openers (aka squiblets). It is an email between two of the non-human leaders, the White Lion Patriarch of the Western African Savannah to the Great Jaguar Matron of the Argentine Territories. The vamps aren’t the only ones aware of something dark going on in the world.

My Dearest Friend: I trust the season finds you well. I write out of respect for our mutual interests. Our shaman is troubled in these times. His spirit companion speaks to him of ancient evil bidding to return. I know your clans have your own shamans, unlike most of our northern brethren who have abandoned our spiritual paths for the heathen ways of the city-dwellers. Have yours spoken to you of danger approaching?

There you go. Hope you enjoyed, and don’t forget to check out the other participants by visiting the Six Sentence Sunday website

My guests for Word-Slingers this week will be Laura Hawks and a spotlight on KaSonndra Leigh’s third book. C’mon back for those! 


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