Thanksgiving Word-Slingers – Spotlight on Amanda Ward

Gobble, Gobble, everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating. It’s 4:30 here and I’ve already got a pumpkin pie in the oven. 

Today I’m putting the spotlight on my lovely friend, Amanda Ward, and her books. Hope you’ll check them out! 

What You See Is What You Get’ would be the best way to describe Amanda. Born in Bexleyheath, England 1971, she is a wife and mother of seven children ranging  in ages from her 21 year old daughter down to a spirited 3 year old son. A very proud grandmother to a grandson born in April of 2012, life  in her house is manic.  There is always unpredictablity and a disaster waiting  round the next corner.  There is however,  plenty of love and laughter in the  home Amanda shares with her wonderful comedic husband Matt and their 3 youngest  children  in Bedfordshire,  England.  In between school runs, housework and  talking to her two cats, Amanda divides her time between writing, dreaming and  watching her favourite films and television shows.  An unashamed addict of  Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, Gilmore Girls, Anne of Green Gables  and Doris Day musicals, as well as sharing her husband’s love of Science Fiction  and superhero films.

Amanda is also passionate about history and her bookshelves are lined with  books on the Royal Families of Europe and thick historical tomes.  Her love of  romance novels began when she was snooping in her grandmother’s spare room where  she found a Janet Dailey novel, from there her dream of becoming a published  author began.  Her perfect afternoon would be spent watching a musical, drinking a pot of tea and munching on warm home-made cakes with her family.   Wife,  mother, dreamer and lover.  Jill of all trades, master of none!

Amanda has written a (at last count) six-part serial about the adventures of Pann Haggerty. Here are the blurbs.

The Thrilling Adventures of Pann Haggerty – New York, New York
Pann Haggarty, an Englishwoman of a ‘certain age’ leaves her life in England behind for a year long trip around America in a RV. In search of new experiences  and to find love. Disaster is around every corner, but with her on this journey  is “average” Joe, her protector and guide in this new and exciting country. Will  Joe help Pann find the love she rightly deserves? Enjoy this rollercoaster ride  with Pann and ‘average’ Joe. Experience a different state and dating disaster.  Enjoy the recipes, share in the laughter as Pann takes the United States by  storm, keeping her ‘stiff upper lip’.

Pann Haggerty – Merlot Mayhem
Pann Haggerty and ‘average’ Joe Harper have arrived in Martha’s Vineyard. Whilst introducing Pann to the many delights that New England has to offer, Pann manages to cause mayhem wherever she goes, and with whomever she meets.

During their time in the vineyard, Pann meets Mike, a local vineyard owner and good friend of Joes’. Will this be the love that she has  been longing for or is she destined to wait longer? Pann Haggerty, musicals,  seafood and wine. Grab a glass and enjoy Pann’s thrilling adventure in Martha’s  Vineyard.

Pann Haggerty – Bonkers in Boston
Joe and Pann have arrived in Boston, a city steeped in American and British History. During their time in this vibrant and eclectic place, Pann manages to  completely rewrite the history books by combing the English, American and French  revolutions in spectacular Pann style.

Enjoy her interpretation of the Tea  Party. Join them on the Freedom Walk and a drink at the place where
‘everybody  knows your name’.
Pann Haggerty – Krazy, Kent Style
Pann and Joe have driven across the top of the US to the Pacific North West. There in Kent City we catch up with them at the Rosalee Hotel, trying to discover the reason for its desertion. Joe begins to work his magic touch on bringing his hotel to life again, and it turns out that his magic is working on Pann too.

Intrigue, embezzlement and the time-warp.

Pann Haggerty – Pann & the Picnic Basket
Pann and Joe have arrived at a campsite in Yellowstone Park. Join them as Pann experiences camping for the first time. Meets Old Faithful and goes on a Teddy Bear’s picnic. Will she meet Yogi Bear and Boo Boo? Enjoy the fun, try the tempting recipes, and curl up warm and cosy with Pann and Joe under the stars with some ging gang goolieing and hot toasted marshmallows!

Pann Haggerty – Turkey Thyme
The essential Thanksgiving read.
Want to know the secret as to how to make the quintessential English Christmas cake and pudding? Then reading Turkey Thyme is a must!
Pann  and Joe are in Normal Illinois. Not exactly the most appropriate place for Pann  Haggerty to be in. They are celebrating Pann’s first Thanksgiving with Joe’s  Grandmother Kitty Harper and unexpected guests. Turkey,
cranberries, Christmas  cakes and puddings. What a combination!

Will this be a Thanksgiving triumph or  end up as an alcohol soaked Panntastophe? Find out in Turkey Thyme, the next  Thrilling Adventure of Pann Haggerty.

Without Saying A Word By: Amanda Ward

The good guy gets his girl!

After being in love with his neighbour Laura since they met a year ago, Rhean seizes his chance to make her his, when her past reappears and threatens her and her children’s safety. Whisking her into marriage, he vows to protect and cherish Laura and her family, with his name and family connections.

Will Laura feel overwhelmed by Rhean and run away, or will she allow her barriers to crumble and be the woman and wife they both deserve?

And there you have it, the books and 4-1-1 on Amanda Ward! Hope have a safe, blessed Thanksgiving Day (for those celebrating) and an awesome Thursday (for those not celebrating).

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