Six Sentence Sunday (11/18/12) – #sixsunday

Holy moly, it’s almost Thanksgiving, the Shrimpettes are almost 20 months old, and I just survived my first camp-out with the Cub Scouts.

Today’s SSS comes from edits on Prophecy of Blood (coming in January I hope). Chris and Jordan are getting told a lot of very confusing information by a friend of Chris’s/enemy of Jordan’s and Chris is rather amused when Jordan sits as far as he can from Xanthea.

A few swigs of tequila might help things look clearer. Probably not, but it never hurt to try. Jordan chose the widest part of the sectional to sit on, likely because it was the furthest place from Xanthea. The two of them didn’t have a cordial relationship. She’d promised to dismember him for his actions against Chris’s best friend, Dee MacKechnie. The again, Chris could count on the figures of one hand how many people were on “good terms” with the man, and she’d still have four fingers left over if she counted herself.

So there you go. Don’t forget to check out other entrants at the Six Sentence Sunday website. Hope you have a happy Sunday!



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