Nanoo #NaNo

Sorry, Mork just sort of popped out up there, even though I can’t spell worth a darned.

Here we are half way through November (good lord, where HAS this year gone?) and as you can see from my widget to your right, I’m right where I should be for word count. I’ve done this in a variety of ways, including splicing together pieces from two different stories (Sheridan’s and Book 4 of the Dream-Walker War, Legacy). I finally hit on something (at least temporarily) that was working for me in Book 4 (a LOT of false starts, lemme tell you, with heroines and heroes popping up and saying “Write about me!”…but nothing that gelled). It involved Ronnie, as I’d always planned, but a completely different hero than I’d previously imagined.

That all has come screeching to a halt because Super Evil Editor Genius Lady got first round of edits back for Prophecy. And God, there’s a lulu of a problem. Well, two problems really. They’re sort of related, but one of them involves me having to pretty much scrap the bulk of the first chapter because if I do what she suggests (which is a great idea), my dramatic opening can’t happen.

I love my editor. I knew there was a problem, but I honestly couldn’t figure out much of what it was. I was edging around it (Jordan just didn’t feel right), but I couldn’t figure the root of the problem. Super Evil Editor Genius Lady (let’s call her SEEGL for short) nailed it, and as soon as I read her comments, it became glaringly obvious. Unfortunately, I have to fix it very quickly and I’m not quite sure HOW, because a LOT of Prophecy has to be rewritten if I change that one little (okay BIG) detail. And naturally, when I went to pick SEEGL’s brain, she vanished. Hrmph.

I know there’s a lot I want to do with these edits and maybe that’s silly, but I want the best possible product out there so when I become rich and famous and everyone looks back at my earliest books, no one say “OMG, can’t believe she wrote THOSE pieces of crapola.” Hehe.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll paste my new/revised scenes into my NaNo document. They’re new words, mostly, right? No, that probably’s really twisting and outright breaking the “rules” of NaNo. Hrmph.

So, are you doing NaNo? Edits? Just plotting how to gobble down the most turkey (for those in the US) next week? Talk to me, peeps!

And I’ll leave you with pics of super cute Shrimpettes!


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