Six Sentence Sunday (10/28/12) – #sixsunday

Here we are on Sunday once again. Yay! And only a few days left until Halloween. Fun times. Don’t forget, after you’ve read my Six Sentences to visit the main site and look at the other offerings.

Today’s entry comes from a short I did called The Lie which came out a little over a week ago in the Wildfire Newsletter as its Daily Sizzle. If you want to read the whole thing, you can find it HERE (toward the bottom). The Lie is a historical which shows just what it was that Anthony told Dara to make her believe he could be a murderer when she knew him to be a good man. He clears that mess up finally in Blood Rage, and we learn why he lied to her as well.

The world contracted until only His Grace and the scent of candle wax remained. She shook her head in disbelief, hoped she was misunderstanding. She straightened and searched his face for some hint she might be wrong. “Yet you’re here.”
A chill ripped down her spine at the ice-cold smile he flashed her, so disdainful. “I came to see your reaction, love, to watch you crumble in the dirt when you discovered dear, sweet little Jeremiah and Edward were gone.”

There you go! 

I’ve got a final two stops on the Dream-Walker War tour (with its $25 gift card give-away at the end) this week. In theory, there will be a review from Reviews by Molly on Monday (though she’s been running behind lately) and a review at Intoxicated by Books on Wednesday. Don’t forget to stop by and comment and/or tweet about the stop for a chance to win the gift card and both books in the series.

My guest here on Word-Slingers tomorrow will be Krystal Shannan. Hope to see you then.



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