Tiger Cub and Life

That’s my Tiger Cub wearing his uniform (the required elements by his troop) for the first time. He was off to get his Bobcat badge that night. Awwww, my baby’s growing up! First grade, smart as can be, and always into stuff. Oy. And I’ve got the girls coming up behind him. At least their scouting fund raisers will be affordable. They’ll sell Girl Scout Cookies at somewhere around $4/box. He sells popcorn. Yeesh. $40 popcorn.

Life goes on for me. Battling some major depression issues. I have no reason to be depressed, and yet it’s getting so bad sometimes I just want to walk away from everything in my life: job, husband, and yes, even my kids. And yet the kids are what can get me to smile when the dark clamors hit their loudest.

Hopefully if I can find the correct starting point for the last book in the Dream-Walker War, I’ll be able to bury everything until the problem passes again. So far, not yet. A few ideas, but nothing I’ve even been able to want to put in a Word document. I’m not even sure who my hero’s going to be. I’ve got two ideas, but again, nothing’s clicked yet. Maybe I’ll start with the specific idea that the last book will be UF, and thus a romance isn’t necessary, write, and see what floats to the surface as I go.

I am looking forward to this evening though. Sammie (Twin B) decided to see what the splash in the toilet would look like when she dumped my iPhone in the toilet on Saturday. I was about 3 feet away from retrieving it when it went into the drink. DOH!

The phone went ker-splat Monday morning, so I’ve been going through major phone withdrawals. Now mind, it’s not talking on the phone I miss. Heavens no. It’s my books, and my texting, and all the million other things you can do with a smart phone. I firmly believe telephones were only invented to help us bridge the gap between letter writing and emails/texting. Heh. And now telephones should go away. I hate talking on the phone.

Have a great week, everyone!



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