Six Sentence Sunday (10/7/12) – #sixsunday

Here we are at the beginning of October. This year’s just zooming by. Unfortunately, no good news on the submission front. I’m still stalled out with one scene left to write. Hrmph.

This week’s entry for Six Sentence Sunday comes from Prophecy. It features a dolphin shifter named Hafeza, who lives in the oceans near the Canary Islands. Earlier in Prophecy, she’s seen retreating from an area of odd currents. She’s just made it back to her husband’s fishing boat when her oldest son sees something.

The eldest, Ahmed, pointed southward, his ruddy features pale. “Allah be merciful, what is that?”

She swung in the indicated direction, strong directional sense telling her it was the same area she’d fled the odd currents. Just at the far horizon, a series of lightning strikes flashed, illuminating a previously invisible, shimmering dome. Her eyes widened and she fumbled for little Amir. No longer transluscent, the very fires of Jahannam flickered on the water.

And there you have it. Hope you enjoyed.  You can find other Six Sentence Sunday entries HERE.

Here on the blog, I will be interviewing Harlequin Presents author Natalie Anderson tomorrow and I will also be taking part in the Evernight Birthday Blog Hop. 

The Dream-Walker War tour marches on. This week I can be found at Kacey’s Konnections on Monday for an interview, New Age Mama‘s on Wednesday for a spotlight, Reviews by Molly for a review of Blood Rage on Thursday, and doing a guest post on Sizzling Hot Books on Friday. Hope to see some of you there. Don’t forget, there’s a Rafflecopter giveaway going as part of my tour ($25 gift card and two e-books).



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