Six Sentence Sunday (9/30/12) – #sixsunday

Happy Sunday, everyone! I can’t believe it’s the end of September already, can you? I’m totally psyched though at the moment. I finished Prophecy of Blood yesterday, except for a couple of scenes that I need to add and some polishing, so hopefully I’ll still be able to submit it soon. Yay!

Today’s entry of course comes from PoB. Jordan, as we know, isn’t a very nice individual. He’s just received a very warm welcome from a bear shifter. Vamps and shifters generally don’t get along, so he’s quite surprised by it.

Never one to get effusive greetings, Jordan hesitantly took the bear’s hand and shook it. A strange feeling of euphoria, mild though it might be, spread through his body. What a novel approach, from a shifter. Is this why people help other people? It makes them feel good? How is that any less selfish than simply doing what pleases yourself?

Thanks for coming by, and you can check out other entrances from SSS HERE

Coming upon Word-Slingers this week, I will be hosting Emily Goodwin (tomorrow) and Elizabeth Finn (Thursday).

I’ve got four stops on my Dream-Walker War tour, including three interviews. Monday I’m visiting with Krystal Shannan, Wednesday CS Maxwell shines her spotlight on me, Thursday I stop by Books-n-Kisses, and then on Friday, I’m at Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews. Hope you’ll check them out!



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