Word-Slingers – Guest Angelica Dawson

Hi there out there, blogosphere. I put this post together as I try to survive the House of Plagues (all three children are now pretending to be erupting volcanoes, if you get my drift).

I first “met” today’s guest, Angelica Dawson, when she emailed me several months back and asked if I wanted to come on her blog, talking about (yup) Word-Slingers and my guest bloggers. Heh, go figure, right? I was pretty psyched and you can find the interview I did with her HERE

Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff!

1) How long have you been writing?

Well, I wrote my first stories in grade school. My first novel in high school and university (and my GOD did it suck). I started writing fanfiction three years ago (and have over a million words posted on fanfiction.net). I wrote my first original novel two and half years ago and Blue Moon House, my first erotic novella a year ago.

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

Oh Lord. I have a part-time day job (three days a week, full weeks in summer. A five year-old daughter and husband of twelve years. Our first house to keep (we bought it two years ago). I write books under both my real name and Angelica Dawson, so I have two facebooks (five if you count book/author pages), two twitter accounts, two blogs… How do I keep them in the air? I don’t. One is almost always on the ground and one is flying very high with the rest somewhere in the middle. Oddly, the work one is never at the top and rarely at the bottom. Hmm. I really like my job. I’m environmental consultant, so that’s almost as fulfilling as writing. That and my husband are my anchors when everything else goes in the tank or flies out of reach or whatever. My daughter is a big help too, but I know I don’t give her as much attention as she deserves. And the house? Well, let’s just say I won’t be taking visitors any time soon.

3) What can you tell us about your release Blue Moon House. What I’m looking for is the story about how the story came to be, not just the blurb and what not. J

I’d always had an interest in BDSM. I’d done some research, but never really written anything more than mild play. When I was reading so many stories in the fanfiction community with relationships without trust, where the partner’s safety wasn’t at all assured, I thought, “to hell with this! I’m writing something!” and so I created a BDSM house. Then I needed some Doms and vampires just struck me as the perfect creature to require the trust of their partner and to be able to physically test their submissives. So I had Julia, a human whose vampire wanted to change her, to keep her. Make her be tested by each vampire in the house and you have a one-way ticket to every limit she ever had. Blue Moon House was intended to shock, to explore, to test. You aren’t supposed to find every scene in this book sexy. Some should get you hot, some should set your teeth on edge, and some should leave you going “I wonder what that would really be like.” (TM – Wow, I like this idea, and I think you definitely have a point about the need for trust)

4) Is this your debut? Would you care to share your thoughts about getting published?

It’s Angelica’s debut. My real name has a single YA title credit (hence the pen name). For that first novel, I mass-mailed houses and agents and got no reception. Almost every reply was a form letter. One of my fellow authors, however, suggested this new house run by a couple of women she knew. They accepted and my first book was released. Having already published YA, planning to publish more YA, I wasn’t really looking to publish my erotica. However, I really thought Blue Moon House was good. So I sent to one publisher who rejected it. I thought, meh, that’s what I expected. A different friend told me to try the erotica line of her publisher Rebel Ink Press. So I tried Naughty Nights and got an acceptance right away. At that point I had a moment of “well, crap. Now what do I do?” I’m already published in YA, so I know I’m going to have start a whole new pen name, new blog, new twitter. I almost cried on the spot. However, I dug in and told myself that all my fanfiction readers and some of my adult readers would come with me. AND it isn’t out of the realm that the adults could be interested in my YA stories. So I bit my lip, signed the contract, and here I am!

5) What is it about the paranormal genre that you like so much?

(Not a romance) I think paranormal can give erotica that extra boost. You can dream up the most salacious and physically insane situations and there’s a creepy-crawly out there that has just the appendage, skill, spell you need for your idea to work. It really puts the FICTION into my stories.

6) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

Hard to say. I have a series of Blue Moon House books planned. I do have an erotic romance that I wrote in serial form that might get cleaned up for submission. I also write shorts on a variety of topics. My real name has a Family Saga dealing with sexual abuse on top of a Fantasy/Sci Fi YA novel. The next one for that name is a Zombie time loop, so really, I’m open to any and all genres! I don’t have a what or when, though. (TM – Sheesh, busy plotter, you)

7) Sweet or sour?

Sour. But both. Like lemonade. (TM – yummy!)

8) Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate, dark if you please.


Julia has the chance to become one of the vampires of the Blue Moon House. Before being accepted, however, she must prove herself to each of the vampires, and each has their own exacting cost. Ranging from lesbian, to being forced, to physical torture, she is pushed to her breaking point time and again. Eventually her perseverance pays off and she crosses from submissive to dominant and vampire.

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So, what’d you think of Angelica? Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about her.  I’m sure she’ll be checking comments if you have anything you’d like to say to her (even just h’lo can mean a lot to a touring author).

Coming up on Sunday, I’m doing the Six Sentence Sunday thing again. Next Monday I’m hosting Emily Goodwin, and on Thursday, I interview Elizabeth Finn. Hope to see you all there!


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