Six Sentence Sunday (9/23/12) – #sixsunday

Hello hello. Welcome to my Six Sentence Sunday entry from my current WIP, Prophecy of Blood

I’m picking up from last week’s entry (check it out HERE). Chris and Jordan are on the dance floor at the night club A’Jin’Cor and they’re getting a bit cozy.

Goosebumps rose in the wake of his caresses over her thighs. His fingers inched upward, just brushing her mound, only blocked by the flimsy barrier of her soaked panties.

He laughed softly in her ear. “You say no, but your body, your oh-so-pretty pussy says yes, doesn’t it?”

Chris twitched. If she didn’t move away, didn’t break this off, the bastard would think he could maul her whenever he wanted.

 Don’t forget to check out the other Six Sentence entries this week. Find the complete list HERE.

My guests this week for Word-Slingers are J.N. Johnson (Monday) and Angelica Dawson on Thursday.

The Dream-Walker War tour is continuing. Stop this week include an interview with Kenra Daniels on the 26th, and spotlights at Sarah J. Carr’s site on Thursday and Friday.



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