Six Sentence Sunday (9/16/12) – #sixsunday

Here we are for another fabulous Six Sentence Sunday. Glad to see you guys back and hope you’re enjoying the continuing glimpses into Prophecy of Blood. I’m hopeful it’ll be wrapped up this month/early next month. Not positive yet, but as you can see from the side-bar, it’s going quickly (for the moment).

Set-up: They’re at a nightclub and Jordan just chased Chris’s dancing partner off. They had sex earlier, and she snuck out afterward while he was sleeping. They’re do a bit of petting on the dance floor.

Jordan pushed the hair at her neck to the side. Sharp fangs sank against her throat, not quite breaking the skin, as his other hand drifted up to cup her breast. The fabric of her dress did nothing to shield her against the heat of his palm. “Did you sneak out afterward because of how it made you feel?”

Teasing touches traced down her sides until he reached the hem of her skirt. His hand slid beneath to caress the skin of her thigh just above her garter. 

And there you have it. Hopefully you liked and will come back for more next week! You can find other participants in SSS here. 

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow, when I shine the spotlight on London St. James with her new release, and on Thursday when I interview Honey Jans.

As for my own blog tour this week, I’ve got stops at Romance Book Junkies on 9/17, a guest post at at Bookin’ It on 9/18, a spotlight position at A Little Bit of R&R on 9/19 and a guest post at Jacob’s Beloved Books on Friday. Hope you’ll come by and check them out. Remember, there’s a Rafflecopter giveaway for the tour ($25 gift card and copies of both books)!



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