Six Sentence Sunday (9/9/12) – #sixsunday

Woohoo, another week down, yeah? We’re getting closer and closer to winter, and as a resident of Florida, lemme tell I can’t wait for things to cool down. I’m tired of dealing with the heat for a while.

Now, down to business. If this is your first time, thanks for dropping by. If you’re a returning visitor, welcome back! This week’s entry comes from the opening page of my current WIP, Prophecy of Blood.

Vampires died in gory and violent fashion. Christine Javert fully expected to do so. When a girl spent her recent life hunting for a bunch of murderous vampire terrorists, it was a natural expectation. What she had never expected was to be paralyzed by her mentor and dragged out to die in a pool of sunshine on her own tiny lanai, its high walls shielding the next door neighbor from seeing her helpless state.

Twenty feet away, his green eyes fixed on hers in shocked horror, Jordan MacNaught stood, caught in a similar web of paralysis. Between them stood the imposing figure of her mentor, supposed friend, Xanthea, severe features schooled in an expression of concentration as she kept both vampires immobile.

Thanks again for stopping by. Please don’t forget to check out the other entries. You can find the entire list HERE.

Coming up tomorrow, I interview Andrew Katz as part of his blog tour through Sizzling PR. On Thursday, Louisa Bacio is due up. Hope to see you then!



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