Fabulous Surprise & Prophecy Update

Happy Friday everyone! I woke up to the most wonderful surprise last Sunday morning (never said I was quick on the updates to you guys). I was notified by Coffee Time Romance that Blood-Mage Rising had been given their CTRR Award, which recognizes outstanding writing in all book types and genres. See the announcement on their blog HERE.

Only 4 other books got the award for this month, one of which being Karen Robards. Now I know there’s no one comparing my book to her work, or anything like that, but it’s awesome being mentioned in the same category!

Now, on to some happy sharing. As you can see by the little pinkish box to your right, I’m zipping through Draft 2 of Prophecy of Blood. The first half was (primarily) already written and in many places stood untouched. There were a few areas where I made major changes, but overall, things zipped right along.

Yes, I just used the past tense. Things are not quite so zippy at the moment. ::big, heavy, dramatic sigh:: Right about the half-way point and things are sort of saggy at the moment. I can picture my ending (which will largely remain untouched when I unleash hell on earth – not quite literally). I can picture how Christine figures everything out (which will be another section with heavy re-writes). Heck, I’m even relatively comfortable with my envisioned (albeit completely unwritten) sex scenes. But it’s getting to the end that’s got me stuck. Lots of things I can do, but it got really jumbled in the first draft, so now I have to pick my way carefully through the rubble and find the gems buried in it. I know they’re there.

Okay, I think maybe there might be something there. 🙂

On a good note, a beta reader who’s seen the first seven chapters (I haven’t heard back on anything past that) was thrilled with what she saw and had no plot holes or yucky stuff, so hopefully I can leave it mostly untouched from hereon out (other than to insert a particular scene I skipped over), beyond simple editing.

Wish me luck. I’m shooting to not only have this draft done by the end of the month (my original goal), but to actually submit it by my birthday (October 2). Never said I wasn’t ambitious, especially considering I’ve got so much work left to do.

I’ve also got an impatient heroine waiting in the wings. Impatient to the point where she demanded I write one of the opening scenes to her book (tentatively titled Legacy of the Blood), which is the conclusion of the Dream-Walker War series.

PS: Don’t forget to check out upcoming stops on my blog tour and come back on Sunday. I’ll be doing six sentences from Prophecy!


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