Six Sentence Sunday (8/26/12) – #sixsunday

So glad to see you’re here to check me out this week. I appreciate you coming by. Once again, my sentences come from my now-completed first draft of Prophecy of Blood. 

Set-up: Chris and Jordan just finished doing some magic together and because of their connection, it tends to make them pretty horny. Jordan, of course, has done some pretty nasty things in his life and has trouble controlling his instincts for violence and in his screwed up head sex and violence just naturally go together. At the moment there’s only woman around and he’s incredibly tempted to take advantage of her currently disoriented state.

He shook his head against the insidious whispers. If he did that, indulged in the hunger for violence against a woman, he’d lose far more than the brief respite from the demands to cause pain would be worth. 

Jordan stilled his body and retreated into the meditative state he used to hold the urges at bay. Chrissy usually noticed when he did the meditation, though she didn’t understand it, thinking that he was just slipping into Senor Psycho mode. She didn’t understand that the meditation, the utter stillness, was the only way he kept even a tiny veneer of civility about him when the clamor for blood started up. Without the calm he summoned through the exercises, he’d gleefully rip apart anyone around him and laugh at their agonized shrieks.

Thanks for coming by and hope you’ll check out the other Six Sentence Sunday entries found here.

I will have a guest on Thursday, fellow EP author Misty Burke about her new release. C’mon back and see us! 



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