Hip Hip Hooray! And a question for my readers

I finally finished the Draft From Hell (aka the first fully draft of Prophecy of Blood) a couple of days ago. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any big WHOOP of glee, but that’s partially because I just said “Okay, I’m done” even though I had no stunning conclusion or anything like that. I remember doing something similar with the first draft of Blood-Mage Rising.

This time, however, I do feel I’ve got a great place to end.  The problem? the “climax” moment comes about two chapters before the actual end as it currently stands, and I love the sequence of events.  Unfortunately, it’s the climax in the non-romance plot line (they finally have Ares in their hands and they’re in a last-ditch effort to stop him from his ultimate goal). I think the reaction to that climax moment could be very well built into the fourth (and final) book in the series.

I’ve got a sort-of conclusion to the romance plot between Chris & Jordan leading into the big sequence. But it’s not a definite conclusion or HEA where they’re riding off into the sunrise together (yes, sunrise – they’re vamps). Their story is done, at least for now (for the second series, that’s a whole other ball of wax) and a plot for Ronnie’s story is starting to edge into my consciousness.

I’m not overly worried yet about my final ending in this book because I have so much work to do in the second draft (completely overhauling a couple of plot ideas, moving certain revelations from the latter third to the first quarter, etc.), something may well fall into place as I do all that.

Here’s my question to all of you (and please, comment! I love hearing from you):
In reading a romance, does the HEA (in this case either the official “I love you, let’s get together for better or worse”) for the leads have to come at the final pages, or can it wrap up first, leaving the secondary plot to wrap up last? 



  1. Hmmm. If the story's got my attention, I'll take the ending in any order, as long as there IS an ending. I read the the first book in 50SOG not knowing it didn't have any sort of ending to it, and never picked up book 2. However, if you're concerned, you can always bring it back around to the HEA for that final, satisfying "ahhhh!" by adding an epilogue. Just thinking out loud here.


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