LendInk and Life

If you follow the blogging world much, you’ve heard about the LendInk fiasco. A week or two ago, a tidal wave of writers rose up and protested this site to the point it was shut down within a couple of days of the brute force assault. I will step up and freely acknowledge I was one of the ones who protested their inclusion of my books on the site. I will even more freely acknowledge I was wrong. I should have done more investigation, rather than a knee jerk reaction. But in this day and age of piracy, I didn’t.

There is now a large subgroup of people outraged by the “asshat indie authors” (I believe Smart Bitches or Dear Author used that phrase in a blog post about the issue) who got the site shut down. They are listing/posting the names of everyone involved publicly in the shutdown of LendInk. And yes, I’m on the list. Because I, in a single post on the LendInk FB page, requested that they remove my books. That’s all I did. I didn’t threaten the owner, I didn’t contact the owner’s hosting site. I simply asked to have my books taken down.

For this, I am now being labeled (on Goodreads) a “bully author”, an “author to avoid”, and so forth.

And you know something, I’m okay with that. Because by labeling my books on their bookshelf, while it may not necessarily be in the most positive context, my name is out there and being shown to a whole host of people who might never otherwise hear of me. Anyone who follows the link when looking at the labeling peoples’ book lists will see quite a few positive, fantastic reviews of the labeled books. So, they’re giving me free publicity.

I’m not an indie author, as it’s now being applied to self-published authors primarily, not just those who are published outside the Big 6 as it once was. One of the points these outraged types are hounding on is that indie authors made the choice to make their books available to lend through Kindle’s KDP Select program. Guess what – I’m not a member of the KDP program. My publisher puts the books out there, chooses the avenues for distribution, and all of that.

I will say it again so there can be no doubt. I was wrong about LendInk. But I’m not going to wear a hair shirt over the issue. LendInk’s owner himself has come forward and told these people to back down off of us. He admits his FAQs could have been clearer. He could have been paying attention to his site and diffused the situation.

People on all sides have made mistakes. No one should have threatened the man personally. The outraged crew shouldn’t be threatening us for our actions.

Moving on.

The picture at the top of the post is Jackie, playing peek-a-boo with Daddy. It’s amazing how different the house feels when the girls are in a good mood, rather than being drama queens and full of piss and vinegar as they had been the past few weeks. Last night, for the first time in a month, we had happy, playful, giggling twins instead of wailing little demon spawn. I felt like a good mommy again.

As you can see from my link to StoryToolz, Prophecy is moving steadily forward. With any good luck and steady writing, I may well finish this draft from hell within the next week or so. YAY! And I already have a huge number of changes/edits in mind for round two. I just refuse to go back and keep tweaking, otherwise I’ll never get to my conclusion. Heh.

So – weigh in on LendInk issue, or share how your own writing is going, please. I’m feeling lonely these days.   Since moving to an actual website with the http://www.torymichaels.com, I’ve seen an enormous drop in the number of hits each day to the blog.

Have a great day, people and see you tomorrow with my interview of Beck Sherman!



  1. Good job slogging away on the new work in progress. Somehow I missed all this LendInk storm, probably because I'm up to 34k words on my own. I suspect it points up how vicious and unfair on line attacks can be against anyone in these days of anonymous posters. And was certainly an education for the site owner about the need for clarity when handling someone's else's intellectual property.Can you link the blog to the website so both get traffic at once?


  2. Oh, Tory. I hope all the kerfluffle dies down. I'm proud of you for admitting your mistake, and for pointing it out, possibly saving some of us from going through what you're going through.I hope everyone in your house remains happy and healthy!


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