Quick Update

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Check it out, I’m going to be doing a blog tour finally! I’ll put a page up once I know my tour dates and where I’m going. I love the background on this.

Just wanted to check in. I survived the Week From Hell (last week), though only barely. Sammie recovered and bounced back relatively quickly. Jackie, on the other hand, played the part of a zombie through Saturday, finally starting to return to her normal, cute self Saturday evening. But not only did I have the sick twins, but I had super-sick Daddy and fought the bug myself (I seem to have gotten a very light case, but what I did continues to linger).

As you can see from the word count doohickey from StoryToolz, I am making progress on Prophecy of Blood. I can tell it’s going to take some serious revisions once finished, but I will finish it. I keep having to move my deadline goal (originally 7/15, then 7/31 and now 8/10) back. It’s frustrating. I want to be a mega-producer like most of my fellow e-pub authors, yet I just plod along at approximately a one-book-a-year pace. A NYT Best-Seller this does not make.

Sad though it may be, I had to order a physical copy of Blood Rage so I could hold my very own book in my two hands. Here it is! It’s gorgeous and even had that luscious new-book smell.

Got an absolutely stupendous 5-coffee-cup review from Coffee Time Romance. They like (4-cup) Blood Rage, but Blood-Mage Rising blew them away. The reviewer actually GOT what I was doing with Jordan and loved Chris, bemoaning the fact that she had to wait to read the next one. That’s motivation I’ve needed for a while.

Finally, I’ll wrap this up with cute twin and Shrimp pictures.

 He’s 6 and getting ready to start First Grade. Wow!
 Sam loves her dresses.
 Jackie appears to be thinking “Mommy, you never wear fancy dresses, why do I have to?”
 Little Miss Happy Child
Little Miss Pissy Pants
Hope you’ll all come back tomorrow when the spotlight turns on Nana Malone (I’m doing a guest post over at She Shifters – link to be included in tomorrow’s post).

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