Six Sentence Sunday (7/8/12) – #sixsunday

Here we are on Sunday again. This week certainly flew by. It’s a good week, even if I think my children have all been replaced by demon spawn. Yesterday was not a good day for any of them. Blech.

Anyway, on to the reason you’re here. This week’s entry comes from Prophecy of Blood. Chris is currently perturbed because she discovered part of what the villain Ares has been doing. Prudently, Jordan is trying to disarm her before she does further damage to her home. She just suggested that she could attack a person rather than the furniture and reminded him that he’s the only person around for her to go a few rounds with. He’s not particularly intimidated, as you will see.

“Oh, do try, Christine. You’ve yet to beat me.” Despite Jordan’s calm, clipped tones, the hand not on her shirt clasped her left wrist and squeezed at the pressure points as he forced her arm up at an unnatural angle. “Let’s remove that temptation though, shall we? Put the weapon down or I will break something you’d rather I didn’t.”

Breath hissed between her teeth.

And there you have it. Please check out the many other fabulous Six Sunday entries and have a fabulous week! (Don’t forget to come by tomorrow for my interview with JoAnne Kerrick!)



  1. Love and hate all at once. He's done and does despicable things. Loathe though I am to admit it, Lothaire comes to mind (now that I've heard of him/read his book) as to a comparison of sorts. Neither one softens up/becomes a normal/rational person with the introduction of their "lady love" but God help the person who tries to hurt said love.


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