Writers Block & Life

Aren’t they just adorable together? (Nope, not a proud mommy here, not at all, hehehe). Blondie is still Jackie and dark hair is Sam. Here are better shots.

Jackie is finally learning to stand up for herself when Sam tries beating on her. Not all the time, but she’s definitely objecting now when Sam tries to take her toys away. Unless they start rolling around on the floor and pulling hair (yes, I’ve seen them do it already), I don’t intervene much. There are just some lessons that need to be learned about sharing. I didn’t object when my 6 y/o got bitten in the daycare because it was always in response to him stealing a toy from someone else, and I’m certainly not going to object to my girls fighting it out…as long as no one gets hurt.

Anyway, I just had to share cute pictures. I’ve heard pictures are a good draw on a blog post. Heh.

As you can see from the counter to your right, I’ve made great progress on Prophecy of Blood. If you click on said counter, you’ll be taken to StoryToolz and can actually see the progress each day (I like the site and it’s FREE people). Unfortunately, I’m now considering just dumping the whole thing and starting over. Yes, I said it. Dumping almost 60k. Well, not totally dumping, as I think there’s a lot of decent-to-great stuff in there, just out of order with some stuff that may not need to be there at all.

So, it’s either slog through to the end (which I still have no idea how to do because I’m at just shy of 60k,  still have 3 weeks in book time to cover before the climax and stunning conclusion, and don’t think it’s right to just suddenly say “3 weeks later…” and do a quick summary). Maybe part of the problem is the first two books took place over a 5-7 day period and I’m trying to cover a month in this one. I could chop the timeline down, but I liked the idea of using the Autumn Equinox as a time marker. It just seemed fitting somehow. But…

Oh, wow, I think that just gave me an idea. See – this is why I babble sometimes. Ideas occur to me. Hubby thinks (okay, and so do most of the non-writer population) I’m nuts if I just off and start talking to myself (occasionally in accents when I’m trying to work dialogue out), but it’s great for stimulating thought processes.

Anyway, do any of you ever get through most a novel and decide “I need to start over”? I routinely toss big chunks, but to get this far and start over entirely? Eeek.



  1. Hugs. I understand what you are going through. If you really like your story, and believe in it, then keep going. Just take a break, read through and see what changes you can make. DONT GIVE UP. Saying that, Im having trouble with my current WIP. Seem to have bitten off more than I can chew!


  2. Don't give up, Tory! I just put a 50k ms on the shelf for the same reason! Something just isn't right. I've fleshed out my characters, checked my plot, revised, reread, reworked. Still, nada. So, I'm working on other projects until this story is ready to be written. I hope you get it worked out đŸ™‚ I, too, often toss out big chunks of story when I go wrong. Sometimes I start over completely. You'll get through it and the story will be great! I know it!!


  3. My beta reader agreed with my opinion that it was the pace and it felt like I was presenting things in the wrong order. I've already started in on the reorganization and tightening of pace. I'm glad I hit on what the problem was, and that I had someone already reading it who could confirm my gut instincts.


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