Happy Fourth of July

Wow, can you believe it? We’re zipping right through this year. And it’s  fabulous Fourth of July in the USA (when this posts). No matter what problems we may have, with our government or with other countries, I’m still danged “proud to be an American” (love Lee Greenwood and that’s a deliberate use of his lyrics from God Bless the USA).

Things are starting to come together on Prophecy of Blood (a/k/a Dreams of Blood). As I write this blog post, I’m sitting at 48k and hoping to cross the 50k barrier before I go to bed (not impossible). I’m trying to set things up for the conclusion of this book and start building the fourth book in the series (Ronnie’s story, for those of you who know the characters), along with still trying to start gathering ideas for my fantasy series.

At least it’s nice to be writing again, and making steady progress, no matter having to toss so many words on two different occasions (6k last week, and another 10k or so a couple weeks ago). My goal right now is to have the first draft done by mid to late July and start Ronnie’s story while I let Prophecy rest for a bit. It’s still conceivable I can make my goal of getting two more books written and submitted (if not available in stores yet) before year’s end. So here’s hoping!

Have a happy and safe 4th for all of you that are celebrating the day!


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