Thursday Word-Slingers – Guest Kayden McLeod

Today’s guest is from Bewitching Blog Tours, Kayden McLeod. Let’s give her a nice, warm welcome!

1) How long have you been writing?

I have been writing for about twelve years, though published only for three.

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

At the moment, there are several juggling acts. I have a full time job as an office manager, I co-own two companies (a graphic arts company and a book review site), as well as writing, and random masterminding.

3) Of the books you’re touring with, did/do you have a favorite? What can you tell us about that particular one (beyond the blurb)?

My favorites constantly change, but at the moment, the selection would be Deadly Fetishes, the first book in the Cornwall Coven series (erotic romance). I’ve been told more than once that the lead character, Kelly, and her best friend Sara, reflect two aspects to my personality, and sometimes, I have to agree.
 Kelly is a vampire, quite by accident, and lives under several delusions. She goes through her existence adhering to common myth like: vampires can’t be in sunlight, though she detests drinking blood and practically starves herself, struggling with a way to survive without hurting anyone. Until she meets Marcus, a six-foot, blonde, Goth vampire. While he is perfectly capable of being warm and kind, he walks around with a feral edge no one can deny.
 Marcus shows Kelly vampiric life doesn’t have to be a burden to her, or to humanity. Their relationship quickly progresses, as Marcus proves he has the best of intentions, sheltering her, teaching her as she assimilates into a world she’d never dreamed of.

4) What is it about the paranormal romance (erotic and non-erotic) genre that you like so much?

Whether I’m reading or writing paranormal, and fantasy, I find any rule can be broken, reshaped to fit the most fantastical scenes/outcomes. Nothing is off limits, and the ideas can go in any direction, with flare, releasing a special sort of freedom.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I constantly shift genres, and even most of my erotic romance books don’t necessarily fit that genre. I like to mix every genre imaginable into any book I write: science fiction, horror, fantasy, paranormal, and romance often come into play. Though, at the moment, I’m writing a fantasy YA series under a different name: Kinsey Knight. It’s become my latest obsession in many ways, as it’s an entirely new world I’ve created, very different than the one of the vampires in the Cornwall, Foxworth and Jericho Coven series.

6) Sweet or sour?

Definitely sweet!

7) Chocolate or vanilla?


Kinsey Knight’s Website:
Otherworlds Publicity:

Liwet is a less-than-lily-white angel, who has a chip on her shoulder just begging for someone to knock it off. She refuses to come to heel, yet the time for Liwet to play by her own rules has come to an end. Oriax comes back to his old flame, with a proposition he doesn’t want to pursue, and has no choice but to make. Dark, chilling forces beyond Liwet and Oriax’s control drag them back together and down into a rabbit hole so deep, escape is futile. The prince of the underworld wants them in his court; a request never to be taken lightly. Can the couple overcome their pasts, and find each other once more, before it’s too late to save either of them?

If you could have immortality, would you take it?

Running in fear of her life and that of her best friend’s, Kelly would definitely say no to such an age-old question. Kelly is a quiet conservative woman who is prone to panic attacks; Marcus is a walking manual on sexual pleasure that just happens to work in a fetish club and takes full advantage of every perk of his job. He is captivating and dangerous and knows exactly what he wants. With a single-minded purpose, he scoops Kelly up from her abnormal, disillusioned life and shows her the pleasure immortality has to offer, if one knows where to look for it. His obsession and desire for her body knows no limits and only burns hotter every time he touches her. He is never sated, and she drives him insane with blinding need to hear her scream his name with absolute abandon. Marcus fully intends to show her their new world of vampires, which isn’t anything like what Kelly has ever dreamed of. And she isn’t sure if she wants any part of it, whether that world includes Marcus or not.

Bethany’s boyfriend, Daniel, is confident he can bring Bethany into this world of primal sex and new adventures. But first, Bethany has to meet the Mistress of the house. Will Madam Clairette see the sensual beauty Daniel does, and allow the love of his life to accompany him into his universe?

Thanks for coming by for Ms. McLeod. I do hope you’ll come by on Monday (July 2) when I spotlight author Mal Olson.

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