Six Sentence Sunday (6/24/12) – #sixsunday

Well howdy, guys and gals. It’s been a long time since I participated in these. I’ve been working on the third book in the Dream-Walker War so feel I might have something new to contribute to the process once again. I’m sad to learn that SSS will be wrapping up in another six months. 😦 But, we all move to different phases in our lives, right?

Anyway, this week’s selection comes from Dreams of Blood (working title), a paranormal romance with heavy urban fantasy tendencies. It picks up where Blood-Mage Rising leaves off, finishing the romance between Christine and Jordan while continuing forward with Ares’s plot to…well, you need to read the end of Rising if you want to know what Ares’s ultimate plot is. 🙂

This week’s tidbit is the opening of DoB.

Waking up with her head in a sociopath’s lap had never been on Chris Javert’s to-do list. Neither had waking up with her head in her lover’s lap. As her eyes opened in response to a gentle shake, she found herself in precisely that position. The familiar English with a touch of Scots accented voice said, “You need to wake up.”

Chris blinked, her surroundings taking a moment to come into focus. They were in the back of her best friend’s limousine, having just come back from hours of interrogation at the Bureau of Non-Human Affairs, trying to explain the brawl in her friend’s nightclub, A’Jin’Cor.

So, there you go! Hope you’ll check out the other participants here. Tomorrow, I will be announcing the winners of the Jaime McDougall giveaway. If you haven’t commented yet, go do it now. You could be one of three winners of a free e-book!



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