Thursday Word-Slingers – Guest Rosa Sophia

Ahh, it seems like only yesterday I did my prior post. Oh wait, it was yesterday. Hehehe. Anyway, today’s post is from Rosa Sophia, mystery/suspense writer extraordinaire.

1)      How long have you been writing?

I’ve always been a writer. I decided when I was little that I was going to be a famous author, and when I was a teenager, I decided that I would be published by the time I was twenty. I was published by the time I was twenty, but I’m not famous yet. I think I’ll start shooting for famous at forty. Hey, you never know!

2)      How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

I have a day job in a library. I am an editor working for three publishers, and I have a growing number of independent clients. I am the official historian for my town, and I go to school full time for Automotive. I’ll be done with school soon, and hopefully my schedule will ease up a bit. (TM – good grief. Your life revolves around books. I’m so jealous)

3)      What can you tell the audience about your current release, Check Out Time (I mean beyond the blurb)?

Check Out Time is actually the first in what I hope will become a series. At this point, I’m not sure if it will go beyond the second book, which is called At The Turn of a Wrench. Both books were inspired in part by my father, who passed away in February of this year. I miss him very much. Check Out Time is dedicated to him. One of the main characters in both books, Roy Vogler, was based after my dad. I will be sending a portion of the proceeds to my family for the care of my little sisters, who are twelve (twins). I love them both so much, and I want to help them in any way that I can. (TM – those are fabulous titles. And you have sisters who are twins? That’s awesome! I have twin daughters)

4)      What is it about the mystery genre that you like so much?

Actually, it’s suspensethat I enjoy the most, and mystery to a lesser extent. There is suspense and mystery in everyday life, but the mystery genre tends to be associated with bodies—the Murder Mystery. Check Out Time certainly falls into this category, but for me, there are other aspects of the story that are more important. The most important suspenseful aspect involves the main character’s life, her past, and how she will deal with her future. And that’s really the most relatable aspect. That’s also where my books tend to cross genres.

5)      Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I feel that everything I write shifts into other genres. I don’t like to limit myself. Although this is the second Mystery novel that I have published, much of what I am working on right now is definitely departing from the Mystery genre. In fact, I have a series of novels that I’ve been working on since 2006 that is a delightful mix of Mystery and Science Fiction, with a little Romance thrown in.

6)      Sweet or sour?

Both, of course.

7)      Chocolate or vanilla?

Again, both—there is always a need for balance in all things, especially desserts . . . . (TM – are you a Libra? All this balance of yours….)

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Rosa Sophia is the author of the Paranormal Mystery Taking 1960.  She currently resides in south Florida.  Please visit her at:



Naomi Vogler blames herself for her mother’s tragic death, continually reliving the accident in her nightmares.  When she reconnects with her estranged father, he invites her to live with him in a little town called Witchfire.  A simple job stocking shelves overnight at a local grocery store seems a perfect distraction.  But when the manager of the store is found dead in the boiler room, Naomi’s boring job becomes something much more complicated.  No matter how she looks at it, one thing is certain: retail is murder.


The leaves on the oak trees rustled in a slight breeze.  It was a mild summer day.  Naomi had foregone traditional dress for a black tank top and a pair of blue jeans and sandals.  
            “We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of a beloved friend and mother.”
            Naomi stared down at her feet.  She wasn’t really listening to the pastor.  She couldn’t help but think that it was a little silly that someone who didn’t really know her mother was leading the ceremony.  She felt eyes on her back.  Everyone was watching her.  She was standing apart from the others.  After a while, she began to notice that one man in particular was looking in her direction.  He watched her with solemn, sorrowful eyes, his hands clasped over his black suit jacket.
            After the funeral, Naomi went and stood in the parking lot.  She made a point to avoid everyone.  They came up to her and said a whole lot of things that she didn’t really hear.  They told her that it wasn’t her fault, but she didn’t believe them.  They asked her if she was really going away, if the Penn Foundation was where she really thought she should be.  It was what the psychiatrist at the police station had suggested, but Naomi wasn’t bound to it.  The law couldn’t tell her what to do; they insisted that she was innocent, a mere bystander.
            The man who had been watching her walked up beside her.  “Hello,” he said.  The greeting sounded forced, as though he were afraid of her.
            Naomi eyed him suspiciously.  “Hi.  Do I know you?”
            The crowd was dispersing.  There was a discomfort in the air that was almost palpable.  The man beside Naomi shrugged.  “You did know me, once.”  He caught her gaze and stared at her.  He appeared as though he were on the verge of tears.  “Do you need a place to live? I have plenty of room.”
            “Who are you?” Naomi took a step back.  Part of her already knew who he was; the rest of her didn’t want to believe it.
            The man smiled weakly, his first attempt to comfort her.  Then he spoke, and it was clear that he was afraid of her reaction.  “I’m your father.”

Thank you so much for coming by to check out this fabulous author! I’m participating in Six Sentence Sunday this week, and my next guest will Kayden McLeod on the 28th. Hope to see you guys soon.



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