Friday Update

Wow, it’s been a long time since I did a post just from “me”, rather than an interview or spotlight! Sorry about that, but there’s been a lot going on. Here’s just a quick update:

  1. Back in March, I got pregnant.
  2. Went on vacation at the end of April (the first one just me and hubby in several years) because the in-laws (who came to help the first year with the girls) were getting ready to move out.
  3. The day before the in-laws moved out, I discovered my precious Little Bean was gone, so no more baby. ::sigh::
  4. In-laws moved out (YIPPY! house to ourselves!)
  5. The only good that came out of the loss of Little Bean was we discovered that my pacemaker needed replacing (I’d had it for 8+ years and when it was installed, I’d been told it would only last 3-5 years), so got it replaced at the end of last month.

On a writing note, I’ve been bumbling around, but if you look on the right side of the screen, you’ll see a couple of word-count meters. I finally got started on Dreams of Blood (Book 3 of the Dream-Walker War), but am struggling so am trying something new…outlining! Whoa. It’s freaky. Super Editor swears by it, but the jury’s still out. I haven’t gotten very far, but if it helps, I’ll try anything.

I’m also trying to do a short story for the Evernight Halloween anthology. It would be the shortest piece I’ve ever written (5-10k). I’d be writing about a character that gets mentioned in Blood Rage, Sheridan (who was the one who pushed for the Great Awakening). She was sixteen when she became a vampire and she’s got somethin’ going on with Christian DuBois, a mage-born. This is a great combination because, if you read my books, you know mage-born and vampires do NOT get along very well. Their relationship is kept pretty quiet because she initially met him in a class she was teaching (she’s got a doctorate in archaeology).

The girls are now 14.5 months old. Sheesh, where’s the time gone? They’re getting so big. Their teeth are coming in differently. Quite different in appearance – Sam’s quite dark with relatively little hair (it’s finally started growing in), and Jackie’s much paler with a mop-top of blonde hair.

Recent pictures of the girls as we came home from daycare!

Sammie (Twin B) 

Jackie (Twin A)
They’re such little angels…when they’re asleep. Then let Sam wake up and watch out! She still holds the title of Mistress I don’t believe in sleep. Along with Drama Queen, Mistress Piss & Vinegar, etc. Jackie’s much calmer, plodding, with an appalling tendency to climb on things. Jackie’s also the bigger twin, but don’t let size fool you. Sam’s the bundle of energy and she picks on Jackie (smacking her, stealing her toys, etc). Jackie lets her get away with it too. Every so often, she might protest, but more often she’ll wait until I’ve got Sam pinned for a diaper change and then come up and start poking at Sam’s belly button, which Sam hates.
Garrett just finished kindergarten ::sniff:: According to hubby, he was really sad yesterday when he got off the bus, ’cause he’s done with school. And this morning he was already saying he wished it wasn’t summer vacation. Hehe. Here’s a picture of him from about a month ago after a school production.
So how about you guys? What’s going on in your world these days?


  1. Thanks for the update! Your girls are little angels, and so different! Not just on the outside, from your writing. Condolences on your loss. I'm sure it must be very sad to know you won't wake to your inlaws (sorry, had to do that :)My only child is finished Kindergarten this month too! It's amazing how fast they grow and change. *sigh* She, however, isn't thinking of it as the end of school and is looking forward to both vacation and grade 1 in the fall.Take care. Get a mileage marker on that pacemaker! Y'know like the little stickers they put on your windshield when they change your oil? Or, y'know, don't. 😀


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