Thursday Word-Slingers (1 of 2) – Guest SJ McMillan

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Can you believe we’re in June already? This year’s flying by! Today is a two-fer shot thanks to some scheduling issues that cropped up. First up is SJ McMillan. Let’s go!

How long have you been writing?

I started writing poetry in high school as a way to express myself. I love writing poetry. For me it’s a way to get my creative juices flowing. I still write poetry to this day. I even had a few published. I didn’t start trying to write a novel until a few years later, and didn’t take it serious at all. It was just something to do in my spare time. When I finally finished the first, very rough draft of The Descendent, I thought, ‘Maybe I can actually do this’.

How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all up in the air?

I have lots of responsibilities I have to tend to on a daily basis. I’m a wife and mother, and have a full time job as an administrative assistant during the week. My plate is always full with work, kids homework, housework, making sure I’m spending time with my family, and of course, writing. Luckily I have very supportive group of people surrounding me who are willing to jump in and give me a hand when I need it. They don’t wait for me to tell them I’m drowning, because if they did wait, it would never happen. My boss allows me to work on my books on the clock, as long as I get my work done first. (I have such an awesome boss). My husband is more than happy to help me if I’m struggling on a particular scene in a book. He is also a great cook, a skill which I lack, so he get the privilege of making dinner. Things like that help keep me sane with the craziness that tries on a daily basis to pull me under. 

What is it about the urban fantasy genre you like so much?

I like urban fantasy, as opposed to sci-fi, because to me it is a bit more believable. It is based in contemporary times, and while it contains supernatural elements, there is no need for little green Martians to be running rampant in the story. It’s easier for me to write something about something that already has pre-set rules. Here on Earth and in the present, I know the rules. I know the limitations. Being able to create a world, with its own language, and its own rules, is a little beyond my reach right now. Maybe one day I will be able to create my own race, with its own set of problems, but for now I’m content with the genre I write in.

Do you think you will move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I’m loving the steampunk genre, so I may have to try that someday. I just have to come up with a story idea to do it. Once the City of the Gods trilogy is done, I have a story idea that rides the line of paranormal and urban fantasy. I also have plans for writing a humorous fiction series. So, yes, one day I will venture out of my comfortable urban fantasy world, but it will be a few years from now.

Sweet or sour?

Both food and personality wise I have to go with sweet. Sour foods make me pucker in a totally unsexy way. I look downright scary. I just don’t have the taste buds for it. Sour people are just no fun to be around. I want to hang out with people who are happy.

Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Hello, my name is Samantha and I’m a chocoholic. Yep, chocolate all the way for this lady. (TM – oh heck yeah. I so get the “I’m a chocoholic” thing)


 am an author signed on with Ruby Lioness Press. I am beyond excited that my urban fantasy novel, City of the Gods: The Descendant, has finally found a home.

I play many roles in life, as we all do. I am a wife to a supportive husband, a mother to three young rascals, and an administrative assistant during the week just to name a few. Now I will finally get to add published author to my list.

I started writing poetry in high school. I enjoy poetry and still write a poem whenever inspiration hits me. I love to read, especially paranormal romances and urban fantasies. The love of reading spawned the urge to try writing a novel of my own.

One of my favorite parts of writing a book is creating the characters. I immerse myself into their lives. I laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry. I cheer them on in their triumphs and encourage them in their struggles.

I have also come to enjoy writing fight scenes. Don’t laugh, but my husband (the wonderful man that he is) will act them out with me so I know exactly how I need to show it to the audience. Call us crazy if you want but it is really fun to act out a scene using a broom handle as a spear and a foam baseball bat as an axe.

I hope you enjoy City of the Gods: The Descendant. I am working on the follow up book now. I love to hear from other authors and readers. You can find me on Facebook at, on Twitter at, or check out my awesome new website at

700 A.D. Teotihuacan, Mexico – The High Priest believed himself to be as powerful as the Gods and set a plague on the city as a demonstration of his power. The Gods took pity on the few remaining survivors and granted each immortality and an extraordinary ability. Three of these survivors were given a mission of great importance: train the lone human descendant of their civilization to stop the evil priest from damning the rest of humanity.

2012 A.D. San Diego, California – The time has come to make Katalina Deckard aware of her destiny. Her life has been a constant struggle since the loss of her parents when she was young, but has it prepared her to save the world? Can her friends, who have survived so long ,convince her she has what it takes to accept the mantle of Redeemer?

There you have it. I love the sound of this book. Next up is Jennifer Malone Wright!


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