Word-Slingers – Guest Alyssa Day

I’m so excited about today’s guest I can barely sit still. I’d seen her books in stores but hadn’t read one until after I discovered she was in our local chapter of RWA, and once I did, I devoured them (I read the last four in three days while on vacation). I am of course talking about Alyssa Day’s Warriors of Atlantis series and Ms. Day was gracious enough to agree to come see me. So, let’s get to it!

1) How long have you been writing?

Professionally, since 2002, when I had the idea for EMAIL TO THE FRONT, my nonfiction memoir about life as a military family during war time.  I used actual emails that my U.S. Navy flyer husband Judd and I sent to each other; it was quite a wild ride!

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

Hahahahahaha (insert maniacal laughter here).  I’m married to a Navy guy, so I spend at least half my time as a single mom.  I’ve moved 6 times since my first book was published.  Good grief! I hate moving.

I just went through two international moves (to and from Japan) in the past year and a half, in addition to a month’s evacuation from the country after the deadly earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown.  Glad you made it out safely. 🙂 I’m currently staring at a house only half unpacked from the delivery of everything we own.  I have two kids and two dogs, and yet, in spite of all that, I’ve managed to publish around 20 books at last count.  You rock! When I want to curl up in a ball, I tell myself I’m not doing too badly. J

3) When is your next release due out and can you tell the audience about it? (And why oh why did you make us wait – should we blame the publisher alone – for Alaric’s story??? ARRGH!)

Alejandro, which took FAR longer than I wanted it to (see above), will finally be available as an e-book this week!!  Alaric, HEART OF ATLANTIS, that you mentioned, will be out December 4.  See answer to question 2 for why it’s later than I wanted.  I know readers are impatient, and I appreciate their patience.  I won’t release a book until it’s good. Well, okay. Fine, I guess we’ll have to let you off the hook THIS time. Next time…..different story. ;P

4) What is it about the paranormal romance genre that you like so much?  

The opportunity to explore worlds and powers that are so different from our own, while retaining the very human truths of family, friends, redemption, and love.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I am currently writing a young adult novel, which is a return to a genre I wrote a couple of books in several years ago.  It’s a fun change, I should say “trying to write” because everything else is definitely taking priority.

6) You started in the “chick lit” arena as Alesia Holiday. Was it a difficult transition to go from that to para-rom?

Not a bit.  I think we all have two sides to our natures; the light and the dark.  And my voice and my humor are still very much present in my paranormal novels. That’s an interesting thought. I’ll have to remember that. We’re just like the force, yeah!

7) Sweet or sour?


8) Chocolate or vanilla?



 Ms. Day is being awesome enough to give not 1, but TWO lucky people copies of books from her backlist. And trust me, if you haven’t read her Atlantis series (and you’re a para-rom fan), you’re missing out on something spectacular. So, get to commenting for a chance to win!

Kristi Glasco, you’re the winner. I don’t have an email address for you. Please contact me so I can put you in touch with Leia (or if you know her, email her!


  1. I happened to stumble onto the first two books in your Atlantis series in a used book store. Read them in less the a day and a half. I went right out and found there rest and have been hooked ever since. Thank you so much for all your work!!!


  2. I have loved traveling along thru all of Conlan, Ven, and the boy adventures in all the Atlantis books. Can't wait for Alaric to find some happiness as well. The writing and story pulls me in and I never want to leave.


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