Thursday Word-Slingers – Guest Vera Jane Cook

Happy Thursday everyone! The best Thursdays are the ones when you get tax refunds! Woot! Now, onto business. Don’t forget, today’s the last day to comment for a chance to win Cursing Athena by Lisa Sanchez

My guest here on Word-Slingers is the multi-genre talented Vera Jane Cook, through Sizzling PR!  She is giving away one copy of her book, Annabel Horton Lost Witch of Salem, to one lucky person, so don’t forget to leave a comment. Let’s get to the interview and excerpt, shall we?

1) How long have you been writing?

Probably all my life. It started with diaries and then I moved to poetry, eventually graduated to short stories and began to write fiction when I was about forty-five.

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

I write every Sunday and then whenever I can sneak it in. I work a day job that is pretty demanding but I do have nine or so completed novels.

3) When did Annabel Horton Lost Witch of Salem come out, and will you tell the audience about it in your own words (more than just the blur, pretty please?)?

The book was released on December 23rd, 2011. I started writing it at least ten years ago and surprisingly it came pretty easy, despite having written three other books at the same time. The sequel is giving me a much harder time because I think it will be a darker book. I like the idea that Annabel has survived death and can travel through time as she takes the various bodies of evil souls. At around 1812 or so Annabel marries the devil unknowingly and has a family, a son at this point. Her son eventually marries and has a daughter. Her granddaughter has immense power, the whole family does actually. They travel back and forward in time trying to undo the damage the devil has done to them, and to restore their vast wealth from the clutches of Jeanne Elemont, the devil’s daughter. The book begins at the Salem Witch trials, where Annabel is accused of witchcraft. At some point, near the end of the book, Annabel discovers how good and evil are balanced, how the evil Satan feeds on the souls of those whom God favors. I think the book has elements of the paranormal and fantasy. It is not a romance. I am hoping that the book strives to understand more about the spirit and how time itself is a concept, perhaps and perhaps anyone of us can learn to walk through it.

4) What is it about the paranormal romance/paranormal fantasy genre that you like so much?

I like that anything is possible.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

 I also write women’s fiction, spec/science fiction and southern fiction.

6) Sweet or sour?

Definitely sweet but I must admit to sour, sometimes.

7) Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?



From the Salem Witch trials through the Nineteenth Century and beyond, Annabel Horton is pursued by the devil’s disciple, Urban Grandier, the demonic priest from the incident at Loudon. She must take the bodies of those that the devil favors to protect her family. She must uncover the motive behind the illusive Ursula/Louis Bossidan, the scandalous cross-dresser who is pursuing her beautiful granddaughter, and she must learn, being one of God’s most powerful witches, how to use her power. But will it be enough to save her husband from Urbain’s fiery inferno? Will it be enough to save her children from demons greater than themselves? Read on, you will learn more…..


When I am not in the form of flesh, I live in the confines of shadow. The psychics of your dimension have said that I can be seen floating between the kiss of dusk and the evening moon. Yes, some of you can actually see me, though you are unaware of what I am. You usually ignore me because I vanish so quickly. I simply blend into the surface of your world and disappear,  into objects, into trees, into the soft fur of a sleeping squirrel, into anything that will have me.

 Before I begin my tale, you must know this: I can also blend into a human body. I can steal your flesh if I choose. But before you judge me, you must understand my loneliness. You have no idea how desperately I desire the physical senses you so cavalierly take for granted. But please, do not fear me. I will not harm the innocent. Hear me out before you cast any stones. There are secrets in my tale worth knowing.

The snap of my neck appears to have granted me immortality as a captured soul, doomed to live over and over again in stolen flesh and blood. Therefore, I take bodies in exchange for my freedom. I want you to understand that if I were to ever choose your flesh, I would mean you no harm. I would simply borrow the luxury of your language and take comfort in the pleasure of your warm, beating heart.

The process of my abduction is painless. You see, the earth holds time. When I consume a body all I do is absorb time. It is quite simple. My soul moves out of one perception and into another. Let me reassure you that though I can take any one of you, I prefer the flesh of those whom the devil favors, and I do not have to go very far to consume the devil’s own.


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Thanks for coming today everyone. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

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