Six Sentence Sunday (4/15/12) – #sixsunday

Welcome back and thanks for joining me today. It’s time for another squiblet from BMR and after this, I shall be taking a break from SSS for a while.

From Jordan MacNaught’s private journal on waking dreams.

After extensive experimentation, it is my experience that if you can create a believable transition from reality to a waking dream, the subject will not question elements of the dream, even if under normal circumstances the element is either impossible or unlikely. It is particularly satisfying when a normally rational man screams because he believes a yellow-striped elephant is about to trample on him without questioning the possibility that such a beast actually exists. Wonderful thing, magic. Rotters are such idiots. Caveat:Dream-walkers might question odd happenings, but if they remain unaware of the dream magic, as opposed to reality, they will generally shrug off inconsistencies. 

There you have it! Please check out the other awesome contributors to Six Sentence Sunday.
The winner for Kassanna’s post is Romance Reader Enthusiast!
The winner for Liana Brooks’ post is Jennifer Lowery Kamptner!
Congratulations everyone and have a great week!


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