Six Sentence Sunday (4/1/12) – #sixsunday

Happy April, everyone! Wish I had a great April Fool’s SSS to give you, or something where a character’s playing a joke on someone else, buuuut, unfortunately my peeps aren’t much for April Fools. However, I did find something that almost works from my defunct WIP, Blood Dreams. In this WIP, Jordan was not the same as he turned out during BMR, though he and Chris still rubbed each other the wrong way.

Set Up: They’re in a barn where Jordan’s been brushing Chris’ horse, Marcus Aurelius. He keeps calling her Chrissy, which she hates. Given what she has at hands, Chris comes up with something to get the point across that she doesn’t want to be called that.  She just filled a bucket with water.

Hoisting her bucket, she sauntered toward man and horse, only to “trip” on nothing in particular.  Her aim, even with the bulk of the force coming from her non-dominant hand, was spot on and water soaked through his fine white shirt and jeans.

Jordan stiffened, hand on Marcus still as water drenched him.  As he turned in an eerily smooth, fluid movement, she focused her weak real-world magical talent on gathering just enough air behind the hay overhead. As Jordan’s disbelieving gaze met hers, she released the energy and half a bale of hay toppled onto his head, coating him in an easily cleaned up version of the old-world favorite of tar and feather.


And there you have it! Go to the Six Sentence website for the full list of this week’s participants.

Don’t forget, tomorrow’s the last day to comment for a chance to win a $10 gift card from Denise Grover Swank.  My guest tomorrow with be the duo that comprise Adonis Devereux and their new release!



  1. Actually, one of the problems was there was more tension between this pair than there was between Chris and the hero of the book. I fixed that by tossing this and writing Blood-Mage Rising, where Chris and Jordan actually have something going on between them. It worked much better.


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