Six Sentence Sunday (3/18/12) – #sixsunday

Wow, I’m actually typing this up on Friday night, rather than waiting until I’m half asleep (or tipsy) late Saturday evening, or (more common recently) drowsily skimming my WIPs at 3 in the morning on Sunday.

Today’s post comes from Blood-Mage Rising, which is going to be out on April 12! It takes place early in the book, and is an exchange between Chris and Jordan. They’re negotiating whether or not she’s going to help in the search for his wife’s killers, and she’s trying to limit just how long she’ll be stuck working for him.

“I have a life. Put a time limit on this.”

“What life?”

Now that’s just cold. I have a life. Just because it didn’t involve a lot of people didn’t make it any less of a life.

 And there you have it! Hope you’ll check out other posters from SSS. They can be found HERE.

Don’t forget – tomorrow’s the last day to comment on Carrie Ann Ryan’s post for a chance to win a swag bag! And we’re still going strong and hoping for more love shown to Kallypso Master’s post. Just by checking it out, you can get a code to get a copy of her first book, Master at Arms, for FREE! Plus, one lucky winner can pick any of her books as a prize.

Have a great week and while you’re here, why not check out my post from yesterday. I included an excerpt from Blood-Mage Rising to hopefully interest you.



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