Green Green Green – St. Patrick’s Day (a day early)

That’s right, guys and gals, I’m taking part in a blog hop. This of course means PRIZES AVAILABLE. At the end of this post will be the link to the hop’s founder, Carrie Ann Ryan, and the linky list. There are two huge grand prizes (1 – choice of a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet, and 2 – a $90 gift card to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble).  My intent was to offer a copy of Blood-Mage Rising, but as that won’t be out for almost another month (APRIL 12, 2012), I will be giving TWO commenters their choice of a copy of Blood Rage, a $5 gift-card to B&N or Amazon, or (if they want to be patient or have already read Rage) a copy of Blood-Mage Rising when it comes out!

Now, on to the topic – we had to either explain why we’re wearing green, or pretty much anything to do with St. Patrick’s Day. Me, I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day because it gives me a great excuse to wear GREEN. Not that I really need an excuse, because it’s my favorite color. But only certain shades. I’m not so fond of the avocado green or puke/split-pea green. Now give me a pale mint green (like a Mint Oreo Blizzard) or a deep, dark forest green, and I’m in heaven!

Just for fun, I turned to the main characters of my first two books and asked them about their favorite color.

DM: Why am I here again? Like you, Tory, it’s green.

AC: Nice, sensible brown.

Awww, that’s nice. Just like my husband. Chris? Hey, Chris where’d you go?
CJ: Hm? What? Oh, sorry, I was busy trouncing a certain sociopath and poker. (stage whisper) That’s Jordan, for all you newcomers.
JM: Yes, yes, they all know, or will shortly, that I’m your Senor Psycho.
CJ: (turns red) You’re not my anything.
JM: We shall see, yes?
CJ: Tory! Make him stop.

Leave me out of this. Chris, you didn’t mention your favorite color.
CJ: Oh, right. Pink. Pale pink, or a nice, neon pink.
JM: Yes, just look at her bedroom. It’s sickening.

Jordan, answer the question and be off with you.
JM: Hm, me? Blood red, perhaps? No, too stereotypical. Dark blue, truth be told. The color of a certain blood-mage’s eyes. If I were given to sentimental appreciation. Which of course I’m not.

Of course not. Thank you, guys. Go do whatever it you do!

And there you have it. Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments! Don’t forget to check everyone else out. And go by our organizer’s site at Have a great and safe St. Patrick’s Day (don’t drink if you’re gonna drive, please)!



  1. Happy St. Pat's Day! My favorite color is Purple! I even painted my kitchen a beautiful dark, dusty purple called Silverado. I own a purple jeep, named Purple Hawk. And I have matching sunglasses. So yeah…Purple is my favorite.Melbournmelissa AT hotmail DOT com


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