No Thursday Word-Slingers – Just a post from me today

Just a quick note. Due to unforeseen circumstances (I didn’t get the interview back, or if I did it got eaten somewhere), I will not be hosting someone today. However, I’ll take this chance to list places I have visited over the past week or so. There are a few contests up and running, including one that closes tonight at 11:59p.

Interview with Nichelle Gregory
Interview and Giveaway with Avery Flynn – $5 gift card to 1 commenter, closing at midnight.
Interview with Kook’s Nook
What Makes Vampires Attractive to Readers at Carrie Any Ryan’s blog – $5 gift card or copy of Blood Rage (closing time unknown)

I think that’s it for me at the moment.

This is the last day to comment for a chance to win a copy of Zee Monodee’s latest book.
You still have a few days to comment for a chance to win a copy of Katherine Wyvern’s book, Black Carnival.

Update on me! (Yes, I’m sure you’re all beside yourselves with curiosity as to how my life’s going).
I finished round 1 of edits on Blood-Mage Rising yesterday. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been somewhat absent the past few weeks. I had to do major surgery in places on my baby to remove a plotpoint that Super Editor thought detracted from the whole (and she was right, of course). I’m waffling over another issue, but I’ll wait to hear back on that.

Twins are being brats lately, though in different ways. Jackie’s been cranky (and per MIL, it’s not just in the evenings). The going theory is that Sam has been bullying her and she’s doesn’t like it. And when I say bullying, I’m not kidding. Sam may look incredibly tiny and sweet and innocent…but she’s a little demon! Example: the other day, she was playing with a nerf gun the Shrimp left out. Jackie toddled into my lap for a cuddle and Sam whacked her on the head with it. Jackie of course was less than pleased and so I was cuddling her to calm her down. Sam crawls over and, looking up at me for a moment before doing it, she reached out and STOLE Jackie’s pacifier. Jackie looked at me, as if to say “What the heck?!” and then her little face crumpled and she started bawling. To add insult to injury, Sam spit the pacifier out after about 2 seconds, her point having been that she could and would take it, not that she actually wanted it.

They’re no longer on formula. Sam drinks whole milk and I have to keep Jackie on almond milk. She gets completely stopped up if she drinks regular milk it appears. Yikes.

Garrett’s doing great with his first year in school.

And I think that’s it!

What’s going on in your life?


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