Six Sentence Sunday (2/26/12) – #sixsunday

I took last week off, I admit it. I may take more weeks off. Not sure how much more I have for you guys, at least until I get another book in the works. 🙂

Set-up: Not much of one, it’s one of the chapter intros I use, what I call a “squiblet”, little factoids that usually give some sort of insight on some issue to be found in the upcoming chapter.  This is from Chapter Ten of Blood-Mage Rising.

A Public Service Announcement issued by Head Liaison MacKechnie.Warning: if a normally rational vampire abruptly turns seductive, especially if there has been no previous history of desire between you, chances are they’re hungry. Walk, do not run, if you wish to keep all your blood in your veins. If you run, we will chase, and you’ll be dependent on our good nature to stop feeding before we drain you dry.We don’t mean to, but it’s instinct. Just like were-canines can’t seem to stop humping everything that moves when they reach puberty.

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