Vampires for Valentine’s Day

Vampires for Valentines Giveaway Hop

February is the month of love and what do we love more than hot, sexy, dangerous and seductive vampires? Vampires For Valentines Giveaway Hop is all about spreading our love for these supernatural creatures.

Vampires For Valentines Giveaway Hop runs from 12:01am February 10th through to 11:59pm February 16th 2012, and is hosted by Felicity Heaton (Paranormal Romance Author) and Bitten by Paranormal Romance.

Welcome to my Vampires for Valentine’s Day blog hop post! Glad you came by. The entry rules are at the bottom, along with the link to participants’ list. I almost blanked on what to write for this post, and then a wonderful author at Evernight (those ladies are the BOMB!) asked what vamps would think about Valentine’s day. And then the post came to me. I decided to ask each of them what they feel about the holiday. I did this with the mindset they would have before the events of Rage (Dara & Anthony) and Rising (Chris & Jordan).

Anthony Caldwell, you’re up first. You’ve been around 1200 years now and the holiday’s probably changed a bit.
AC: That would be putting it mildly. While the idea behind it, a celebration of love, is commendable, I wonder if people actually understand the history of it. Why do people need an excuse to admit their feelings?

Jordan MacNaught, you’re next.
JM: Bloody hell, how did I get involved in anything to do with love? Only rotters, and the weak and pathetic, such as the old man, would ever allow themselves the fantasy of falling in love.

Chris Javert?
CJ: Oh dear God, someone smack the psychopath. Tory, what the hell were you thinking, inviting him to the interview? He wouldn’t know love it if walked up and bit him on the ass!
JM: ::under his breath:: I’d like to bite you on the arse, Chrissy.
CJ: Try it.
JM: ::smiles:: Oh, in front of the old man, can I really?
AC: I really don’t want to see this. Where’d Athdara disappear to? She hasn’t answered your question, Ms. Michaels. If you dragged me here, you should have her as well.
JM: Disgusting.

Dara? Where’d you go? You still have a question to answer.
DM: I was waiting for the child-killer to go away. Love is all well and good, Tory, but only for family. Love isn’t necessary for sex.

Have you ever been in love?
DM: ::turns red, stares at the far wall:: Of course not. I don’t have time for that. Sarah needs me.

Chris, what about you?
CJ: I love a lot of people. Donovan, Dee (Dara, for those of you who don’t know us), Stuffy Britches (Anthony). But actually be in love? It’s not likely. It’s too risky.
DM: Exactly.
AC: Love, and the risk it involves, makes life worth living. I would do anything to be with the woman I loved. And yes, before you can ask, Ms. Michaels, I have been in love, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
JM: God’s blood, I’m surrounded by romantic claptrap. Explain to me my presence here? I’m not capable of this emotion.

Yes you are. I’ve heard you sing opera.
JM: Would you shut it, or I’ll mention your secrets, Tory. Don’t forget, you may have conjured me for these people, but I live in your head, and I know all your secrets. And your husband reads this blog from time to time, does he not?

Moving right along. ::cough:: Let’s see, I asked about opinions of the holiday. Asked if people had been in love. One last question. Each of you, describe your perfect Valentine’s day date. Oldest to youngest, please.
AC: A baseball game, followed by a walk on the beach in the moonlight. Obviously I don’t eat unless trying to blend in, something I haven’t done in over eighty years now, thanks to the Great Awakening.
JM: Tory, you and I are going to talk about this indignity. But, if I were to indulge in such nonsense, a five course meal (tragic to have to see it twice, but fine cuisine is worth the price a vampire pays) in a candlelit restaurant of the lady’s choice, the symphony, followed by, well…I’m sure you’re clever enough to figure what we’d do when we got back to her flat.
Hopefully she’d be alive afterward?
JM: You asked me to describe MY perfect date. You said nothing about leaving the date alive afterward.
CJ: Someone’s gotta rein him in.
JM: Are you volunteering, my dear?
CJ: Oh hell no. Er, date for V-Day. Movie, horseback riding, and lovin’ on the beach.
JM: Absolutely no class.
DM: Perfect date? Quiet night at home with Sarah. I’ve had enough of dating. It always ends badly. Are we done? I can’t stomach being in the same room with His Damnable Grace any longer. ::bolts out::
AC: Ah, that would be me, if anyone wondered. Good evening, Ms. Michaels. Business calls.
CJ: Dude, don’t leave me with the sociopath! ::they depart::
JM: ::leans forward:: Now that she’s gone, Tory, I’ll tell you this. Chrissy isn’t bad, for a woman, just has rough edges in need of polish. Her ex, Donovan, was never capable of being everything she needed.

Are you volunteering?
JM: Now that would be telling. Cheerio. ::vanishes::

That did not go quite as I intended, but I suppose I got the questions answered. Hrmph.

It’s simple. All you have to do is leave a comment to this post and after the hop’s over (on the 17th), I’ll draw one lucky winner, who will receive a copy of Dara and Anthony’s story, Blood Rage.
Thanks for coming by.  Hope you enjoyed the conversation.  Below are links to the other participants. Enjoy the hop!


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