8 Years and Last Day

Hard to believe, but as of today, I’ve been married to my husband for eight years, and have known him for 6 days shy of 9 (we “met” in instant messages the day before Valentine’s). We’ve had a challenging eight years (lived apart at two separate points because of employment issues, gotten through two pregnancies, etc), but we’re still together and I think we’re happier than ever. Above are two pictures from the first wedding (where we actually, legally, got married – Feb 7, 2004).

And here we are a month and a half later at the big church wedding. We had the first wedding because of a health scare and wanted to make sure we took care of the wedding in case something happened. The second one was the one we planned for months (and spent less than $800 – dress included – on).

I love him more now than I did then and hope that it continues to grow.

Okay, now that I’ve got the mushy stuff out of the way………….


Holy moly, here we are, less than 24 hours before Blood Rage is available. Wowee! Don’t forget, I’m giving away two copies of Blood Rage through my Facebook series page tomorrow evening to those who “like” the page.

As an added bonus, if you email me (here or here) and give me your mailing address (I’d love to hear what you think about Rage, btw), I’ll send you a card with the Blood Rage cover, blurb and a short note!

Finally – fellow Evernight author, London St. James is hosting me on her blog today (at least I’m pretty sure she is).

C’mon back tomorrow for my Vampires for Valentine’s Day blog hop post (one commenter to that post will win a copy of Blood Rage).

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Happy Anniversary, Tory, I hope you have many, many more to come!! What a gift that your book is about to be released, you must be so proud!! Congratulations on both and may you have a long and successful marriage and career!


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