Thursday Word-Slingers – Guest Loucinda McGary

Good morning, everyone. Thanks for stopping by the check out my interview with author Loucinda McGary, most recently published by Sourcebooks Casablanca, with upcoming self-pubbed work! Let’s make her feel welcome!

1) How long have you been writing?

Since I was nine years old. Before that, I printed.
 But seriously, I wrote off and on for many years. Finally, in 2003 I left my day job and made a concentrated effort to write and publish novels. It took me four years, almost to the day to sell my first novel (actually the third I’d written since quitting my job).

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

Not that many compared to a lot of writers. I don’t have a day job, writing is it. I do love to travel and do that as often as possible, but I don’t cook, I don’t clean, and I don’t apologize for not doing either. LOL!

3) When is your next release due out and can you tell the audience about it?

I’m working hard to release my first full-length romantic suspense novel, High Seas Deception on Amazon before Jan. 31st. Wish me luck with the conversion and uploading.

 Here’s a brief blurb about the story: In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a mysterious Irishman steals a passenger’s identification and slips aboard Adventure Cruise Lines’ Intrepid. His mission is to intercept a dangerous package before it can be delivered to Los Angeles. However, he is discovered by ACL’s security officer Skylar Davidson, formerly with LAPD.

Is he “one of the good guys” as he claims? Or the ruthless mercenary Skylar remembers from a bloody shoot-out at LAX airport? With the lives of over two thousand passengers and crew at stake, can Skylar trust her instincts? What about her heart?

4) What is it about the romantic suspense (with a hint of the paranormal/supernatural) genre that you like so much?

I grew up reading the great old Gothic romances of Victoria Holt, Phyllis A. Whitney and Mary Stewart. My mother read them, and as a bored teen, I picked up a couple of her paperbacks, read them and loved them. When I sat down to seriously pursue publication, I decided to write the kind of novels I always loved to read.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I plan to keep writing romantic suspense for the foreseeable future. However, my first venture into self-publishing was a complete departure for me. It is a 14,000 word novelette, The Sidhe Princess. Since the heroine is sixteen, I suppose it is more of a Young Adult fantasy story. Plus, it is actually a prequel to my first published novel The Wild Sight. I’m not sure that I’ll ever write anything quite like it again, but it was fun to experiment.

6) Random silliness 1: Sweet or sour?

Definitely sweet. I have a notorious sweet tooth — candy, ice cream, any kind of baked goods and I’m there!

7) Random silliness 2: Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

What is this vanilla of which you speak? There is NOTHING but chocolate! Preferably dark chocolate. My favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.

8) You’re making the switch from a traditional publisher to self-publishing. What is it about self-publishing that drew you in and away from the so-called traditional world?

I write to entertain people with my stories, and at the moment, self-publishing is the best option for me to do that. I had a less-than-positive experience with “traditional” publishing, and decided I would not enter into another “traditional” publishing contract without someone who knew the ins and outs negotiating the terms for me. Unfortunately, I have yet to find anyone, so I decided self-publishing would be a viable way to keep my work in front of my readers.

9) Do you have any thoughts about your experience, thus far, getting ready with your first self-pubbed book?

The good news is: you get to do everything yourself! The bad news is: you get to do everything yourself! Seriously, there is a lot more work involved than it appears, if you want to have a quality product. You need to invest time, money and effort for editors, proof readers, cover artists. And basically, the promotion never ends.
 Self-publishing is definitely not for everyone and, contrary to what you may have heard, it is not “the easy way” to publish. As far as I know, there is no “easy way.”

10) Do you have any thoughts/advice about the changing world of publishing, coming from your particular perspective?

Writers need to thoroughly educate themselves about the various publishing options. Before you make any decisions, do your homework! Be aware of the consequences of your decisions and how they might affect your long range career/goals.

How can people contact you (email)?
I’m in the process of revamping my website but once it’s done, you can find me at
I also have a personal blog called Aunty Cindy Explains It All:
Of course I’m on Facebook:
And Twitter: #!/LoucindaMcGary
I LOVE hearing from readers and other writers!
So how many of things do you juggle on a daily basis? And how do you manage it? I’d love some tips. 

So, that’s our interview with the fabulous Loucinda! Be sure to leave comments. Loucinda will be giving away a copy of either High Seas Deception OR a copy of one of her backlist – winner’s choice! Winner announced next Friday!

She loves to hear from her fans. I’ve read Princess and Wild Irish Sea – fabulous books, both (yes, I even did reviews on Amazon for her).


  1. Hi, Tory and Cindy! Great interview. It's always interesting to see how different writers approach their paths to publication. As you say, Cindy, it isn't easy no matter what road you travel.I don't have a day job either, but it does seem that the balls (har har) are getting harder and harder to juggle as I get older LOL. Lists, I love lists. I make lots and lots of lists!


  2. Waving Aunty Cindy. Great to get to spend some time with you this morning. You know I love your stories and wish you lots of sales with your new venture.I do cook and occasionally clean, but don't juggle too many balls. I hang them in netting from the ceiling in my office. 😉


  3. Aunty Cindy, you're so funny! You don't cook, you don't clean, and you don't apologize for either! Priceless! How do you manage that, by the way?I juggle lots of balls at the same time, full-time job, 45 minute commute one-way, serve as a Board member on 2 different boards, wife, writer. Wow, I'm really busy. Someone once told me that if you want to get something done, ask the busiest person you know because they are obviously not lazy and good time managers. So I guess that's why everyone asks me to do stuff. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.Fun interview as always. Can't wait for High Seas Deception! Thanks, Tory for having Cindy as your guest. She's awesome!Patricia Rickrodew/a Jansen Schmidt


  4. Hey Patricia!(Another lovely chaptermate! Do I have the best RWA chapter or what?!?!) I've heard that same thing about asking a busy person, and you are most definitely one. You are doing a fabulous job for our chapter, btw, we are sooo lucky to have you!My DH does most of the cooking, and the cleaning… Well, I just don't invite anyone to my house, though occasionally I must break down and do a few things. LOL!Thanks again for your support,AC


  5. Hi Aunty CindyLoved the interview Ladies and of course I love your stories AC can't wait for the release of this one I am soo looking forward to reading it.I try to juggle a full time job family my 6 wonderful grandchildren and finding time to read the massive TBR pile the housework can wait LOLHave FunHelen


  6. Hi, Cindy,Love your books, and I think I'll read the YA. It sounds intriguing. My balls in the air are writing every morning for 4 to 5 hours after I get home from the gym(do the gym 3 days a week). Take my mom to her appts, , take care of home, hubby and mom. Sure miss all my Sacramento chapter mates! I;m up here in the high desert of Oregon now.


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