Six Sentence Sunday (1/22/12) – #sixsunday

Welcome back, ladies and (I presume) gentlemen! For this week, and next week probably too, I am once again returning to Blood Rage (which now has a tentative release date of 2/8/12). Dara hates speaking in public, but she’s been the de facto poster child for the non-humans since they first came out of the closet. She’s getting ready for a speech in front of a bunch of people at the 80th Anniversary Bash of the Great Awakening and, as usual, having a panic attack. Chris is trying to calm her down through humor.

Chris crouched so their eyes were level and all levity vanished. “Just think: fifty years ago, you sat in front of several hundred piranhas in business suits to get Congress to fund the Bureau. They didn’t want to hear you, but you did it anyway. The people here tonight – they want to hear from you, and they’ve paid a pretty penny for the privilege. And…,” she said triumphantly, “They’re probably half-blitzed on champagne already, so they won’t care if you screw up.”
“The, uh, so-called piranhas probably drank too.”

Welp, there you have it! Hope you’ll check out some of the other entries found at the official Six Sunday website, and have a fantastic week. 🙂 I’ll be posting at least one interview this week (tomorrow – Allison Grey from Evernight, who will be doing a give away of two copies of her book), with possibly a second one on Thursday.



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