Wicked fun and Edits

Last night was the night. I FINALLY got to see Wicked and man, oh man, was it worth the wait! It was funny, touching, exciting, and so much more than even I’d dreamed (and I’d expected a lot). The CD you can buy at the store (with the original Glinda/Elphaba) is, in a way, misleading with some of the songs, and that’s just about all I’ll say on the topic. It surprised me though.

Fyero was pretty. Sad when, about 2 minutes after he popped onto stage, the husband turned to me and said, ‘I bet you think he’s pretty.’ Um, yeah. Hubby knows me. ‘Nuff said on that.  If I can find a decent photo of him, I think I finally found the image for the character of Donovan from Blood-Mage Rising. He just about fit.

Speaking of things to do with the Dream-Walker War (you had to know I’d work my way around to talking about the book(s), didn’t you?)……There was a scene in Wicked between Fyero and Elphaba that my mind kept flitting back to Dara and Anthony. If you’ve read my most recent Six Sentence Sunday posts, you know she’s got image problems and he thinks she’s gorgeous. I think Fyero said it best when he said, “I’m not lying, just a different view of what beautiful is.” Or something along those lines. It was quite a touching moment.

Currently hip-deep in edits on Rage that I mentioned last Friday. It’s a challenge, but definitely getting some refinement to a few ideas, and finally came up with a place to make a couple points that I’d always wanted to make. A certain death scene will get a bit of a tweak which I didn’t anticipate ever making. But it’s just a matter of wading through and buckling down. Meanwhile Mr. Trevor Kyle just keeps reminding me he’s there, waiting (see last Friday’s post).

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, if you have time, please stop by and ‘like’ my freshly minted Dream-Walker War series Page and/or friend me at my personal page on Facebook.

Have a great hump day everyone!


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