Six Sentence Sunday (1/8/12) – #sixsunday

Welcome back for another installment in Six Sentence Sunday. This week is the third in a series where the hero and heroine of Blood Rage are having a rather intimate moment (check out the first and second segments). After Dara explained what she saw in the mirror, Anthony gets his say:

     “I see a woman forever caught in her prime, so perfect not even those stick-figures that model for the lingerie companies can hope to compare to, no matter how many implants and hair extensions they purchase.”
     Warmth infused her blood as she found herself unable to look away from his face in the mirror while he spoke.
     “Your hair reminds me of the sun as it rises just before a storm at sea, promises of the fire that you make me burn with. An emperor would give kis kingdom for emeralds the color of your eyes. Those eyes look at me when we’re in bed together. I thank whatever gods you believe in that it’s me with you, and not some other man.”

All right, there you go. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for next week, when I have an encounter between Chris & Jordan from the newly contracted Blood-Mage Rising. ::happy dance:: In the mean time, check out the other Six Sentence Sunday entries found here and have a great week!



  1. Great six, Tory–his character comes through cleanly, as does his obvious depth of feeling for her. I especially loved the last paragraph–a fresh voice, fewer cliche-ish things, really unique. Thanks for sharing!


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