Exciting Times

Wow, this has been a week for me.

Blood-Mage Rising has been accepted by Evernight and will be coming out (tentatively) in March. Two books in two months, yay! I will post the cover once it’s in my (digital) hands! 

I’m terrified. 

I can say ‘terrified’ now because I just got the first round of edits on Blood Rage. OMG. I had no idea the number of times I used ellipses, em dashes, and certain (as they put it) “fancy” dialogue tags (growled, snarled, etc). Quite illuminating. The editor’s awesome though and had some fantastic suggestions on how to strengthen the work. A bit of a surprise, she didn’t care for the heroine as much as the hero, but when she explained her thoughts, I had to admit her points were all valid.

I’ve got 3 weeks and a LOT of work to do, because I’m going to try to tweak some of the issues with BMR as I go as well, now that I know some of the in-house requirements of Evernight. So, my presence online will probably decrease for a bit. And, based on the timing from contract to first round of edits, about the time I finish round 1 on Rage, round 1 on BMR should be close to due.

This does not mean good things when it comes to getting Book 3 started. Naturally, I now have a few ideas on what I want to do with it. I gotta work on my timing. Check out one of the (I suspect) characters from it and/or Book 4:

 (Gerard Butler, swiped from the LondonTown page on FB)
I have a name for him: Trevor Kyle DuBois, IV. I know a few important facts, but beyond that, I’m not sure what he’s going to be doing (I’ve got suggestions, but none of them WIP-related – heh).
What’s on the agenda for you over the next few weeks? 
Don’t forget to check out and comment on my Thursday Word-Slinger guest, Adonis Devereux. You could win a copy of their book.

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