New Year’s Six Sentence Sunday (1/1/12) – #sixsunday

Happy New Year’s Day, everyone. Hope you’re having fun (or had fun, depending on when you read this).  Unfortunately I do not currently have a New Year’s Eve scene, so I can’t use that. But a couple weeks ago, I promised to do another snippet from Blood Rage as things get cozy between Dara and Anthony, so here goes. This takes place a few moments after my prior post (click here to refresh your memory), when he’s dragged her into the bathroom to show her what he sees, not what she remembers seeing when the scars were fresh.

Dara hadn’t spared herself more than the most cursory glance in the mirror since the night Xanthea let her see exactly what the monsters did to her, in all its vivid horror, and she didn’t want to look now.

Reluctantly, she lifted her eyes to the mirror and stared at herself. It wasn’t a particualrly attractive sight — chubby, short woman with a gorgeous, long and lanky man. What an obscene mix.  He deserves someone like Chris or Verissa.

“I see a dumpy little redhead and a golden ass standing behind her.”

That’s it. Hope you liked and will return next week when Anthony tells her what he sees when he looks at her. Check out other entries by visiting the official Six Sentence Sunday website.



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