New Interview and Allison Grey Winners

Good morning everyone! This post won’t be long, just the good stuff.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Allison the other day. Yup, the same Allison who promised to select two winners from the commenters on her interview. Hope you’ll drop by her blog and check it out.  There’s also a bit of an excerpt from Blood Rage (not the same as I posted last week)!

Okay, on to the good stuff. I have the two winners, but wanted to share a bit of a creepy tale.  I was at to use the generators there. First two numbers drawn were 7 and 11. 11 had already won a copy of Half-Ling, I learned, so had to go draw another number. I got 11 again. And then 7, 11 a THIRD time, and then FINALLY, got a 3. How’s that for weird.

Now, the winners are: Adonis Devereux (7) and Sheri Fredericks! Allison will be in touch shortly with your prizes.

Remember, today is the last day to “like” my  Dream-Walker War page on Facebook to be entered for a drawing to win a $10 e-gift card to either Barnes & Noble or Amazon (your choice). If I don’t hit 100 likes, it’ll be for $9 (since I’m at 87 likes right now, I’m rounding up) to the closest 10). 

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Six Sentence Sunday (1/29/12) – #sixsunday

Good morning/afternoon/evening, for whenever you come by. This week’s excerpt is from a now-defunct WIP, though I may try to salvage some of it because I (sometimes) like Marcelo (who does have a cameo in Blood-Mage Rising).

Set-up: They’re in a night club. Half-breed incubus Marcelo has just been bragging about his bedroom prowess (his intended doesn’t have a clue what he is). She’s naturally a bit skeptical.

      It took an enormous burst of will just to scoff, “Someone has a high opinion of their skills.” 

Marcelo shrugged, the taut muscles in his back pulling his turtleneck tight across his shoulders.  “You believe me,” he drawled against her throat.  He drew in a deep breath, nuzzling her.  “I smell your desire.  It eats at me like I want to eat you, to devour you for hours until you can’t even walk.”

So, there you have it.  Don’t forget to look up the other entries that you can find  at the official Six Sentence Sunday website!

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out Allison Gray’s visit from last Monday. Tomorrow’s the last day to comment for a chance to win one of two copies of her release, Half-Ling: The Discovery. Winner to be announced Tuesday morning. The contest to win either High Seas Deception or one of Loucinda McGary‘s back list is open through Thursday, with a winner announced on Friday. 

I’m still trying to hit 100 “likes” on my Facebook Dream-Walker War series page before the end of January. If I make it, there’ll be a random drawing for a $10 gift card to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble (winner’s choice).  As of preparing this post, I’m still 14 shy. C’mon by and like me, please!

Finally, hope you’ll check out the excerpt I posted from the first chapter of Blood Rage. It’s coming out on February 8th, and lordy I’m excited.

Have a great week, everyone!

Excerpt – Blood Rage

Well, guys and gals, I’ve been toying with the idea of posting an excerpt and decided to finally go ahead and do it! So, hopefully this will entice you/excite you enough to add Blood Rage to your To Be Read (aka to buy when it’s out) pile!

Chapter One

From the Bureau of Non-Human Affairs’ FAQ Page: Telepaths

Question: What should I do if I catch a telepath (species unimportant) using telepathy to read my mind and steal my personal information?
Answer: Call your local Bureau office immediately. The Privacy Act of 1974 makes it illegal for anyone to scan another person without a court order. Such orders may be granted to determine guilt or innocence of a crime, if requested by the accused.

            “Do you have any idea what time it is?”

            Dara rolled her eyes at her assistant’s lazy inquiry as she paced in front of the elevator. “About three hours later than it is here, which means you’re probably in the middle of a date, Ronnie, not in bed.”

            A delicate giggle escaped the other woman before she said, “Who says I’m not in bed in the middle of my date, darlin’?”

            “Spare me. Just swear to me, one last time, he’s not on the guest list.”

            Her assistant groaned loudly, likely for effect on whoever the lucky man was to emphasize her put-upon status. “Dara, you’re calling me at nearly eleven at night to bug me about that man again?”

            The elevator doors “swooshed” open in invitation. Unwilling to risk losing her connection because she suspected Ronnie would ignore any subsequent call, Dara shook her head at the car’s occupants and spun to stalk down the hall toward her suite door. “Please, just tell me he’s not going to be here!” She heard the whine in her voice. How could she be so pathetic? Two hundred years of life experience should give me more dignity than this.

            She could practically see the other woman’s eyes roll as she said, “According to the Society’s president’s secretary when I talked to her three hours ago in anticipation of this discussion, no. Anthony Caldwell declined his invitation three weeks ago and has made no attempt to reverse that decision.”

            Dara’s shoulders slumped in relief. Everything would be fine then. No known child-killers in attendance at the Society’s 80th Anniversary Bash made for a good evening. “All right, thanks,” she murmured in genuine appreciation.

            “How’d the LeTourneau dress look when you put it on?”

            She blinked at the abrupt change in topic, and her gaze dropped to her half-bared chest where fluorescent lights glinted off the pale, ropy scars that marred the surface. “I feel like an overstuffed sausage, Ronnie. I wore a corset when they were fashionable and hated them. I almost needed one today to get into this infernal outfit.” So she exaggerated, a little.

            Ronnie snickered, and Dara heard a low male whisper in the background. “I don’t need my powers, or a picture, to know you’re lying to me. Sarah would never put you in anything that didn’t look spectacular. Go make your speech, darling. Tell me all about it when you get back to Tampa.”

            Dara slowly pressed the disconnect button and wandered back toward the elevator with a sigh. Ronnie was right, knowing Dara’s insecurities about her appearance entirely too well. Sarah, the last descendant of her little sister, Caila, had exquisite fashion taste. The LeTourneau dress, the first and only one she’d ever bought from the exclusive werewolf designer, was a new purchase, bought specifically for this party.

            Attending the Bash on behalf of the Bureau of Non-Human Affairs certainly hadn’t been Dara’s idea. But when invited as the honoree and keynote speaker, one must attend, especially when one’s boss said to go or be fired. Therefore, she’d allowed the Society to fly her out, put her up in the exclusive Bearings Hotel and Casino for three nights with Sarah, and had agreed to give a single speech and attend a ball afterward in exchange. Overall, it really was a good deal for her. The short, enforced vacation offered her an escape from the wet heat of Florida in late August.

            She pressed the down-button on the elevator and tapped her foot with just the first hint of impatience. Less than thirty minutes remained before her speech. As the keynote speaker, she didn’t intend to show up until she had to, to avoid the inevitable attention that would be focused on her. At least Anthony’s absence was assured.

            “Would you care for another drink, Mr. Caldwell?”

            Anthony looked up from the blackjack table as the leggy blond waitress leaned over to ask her question. He gave her a lazy smile and finished the last of his blood and gin, noting the faint flush that spread across her cheeks. Another lifetime, perhaps he might have asked for her phone number, but not now. Not when his objective of so many years was almost at hand.

            “No. Thank you just the same, madam.”

              She flashed him a smile that revealed just a hint of fangs and sauntered off. He eyed the long legs for a moment more and repressed a scowl that he felt nothing at turning down what could have been a very pleasurable evening if he’d accepted the implied invitation. What was the world coming to?

            “Ante up, gentlemen,” the dealer said.

            After a glance at the rose-gold, Atlas watch around his right wrist, Anthony shook his head. “I’m out. Duty calls.”

            Duty didn’t call, not yet anyway, but the time was close enough at hand that his conscience didn’t prick him for the slight inaccuracy. If he intended to track down his quarry before they met in the ballroom, he needed to go. His senses, on constant alert in the crowded casino, had yet to detect her, but she couldn’t be much longer. Even she wouldn’t be late to a ceremony intended to honor her.

             Then again, when has Athdara Genevieve ever been on time for anything? he thought with faint amusement.

            He closed his eyes for a moment to filter through the hundreds of minds pressing in around him from around the casino. For a younger vampire, it would have taken much longer. After more than twelve hundred years of practice, it didn’t present that great a challenge, regardless of the population density.

            About to give up the current search, he paused when he recognized her presence. Anthony turned. With little effort, thanks to his height, he looked across the main room to see her just exiting the elevator.

            The breath he didn’t need to draw in caught in his throat. It had been sixty years since their paths had crossed, a deliberate move on his part out of respect for the hatred, however well-deserved, she held for him. Sixty long, boring years.

           Athdara looked the same of course, eternally twenty-six as a vampire. Unfashionably curvy, lush, and perfect. She’d pulled her long red hair back in an ugly braid. The coiffure failed to detract from the fragile face. So many hours spent brushing that hair. She wore a long, black satin ball gown, LeTourneau if he were any judge, that swished when she moved past a bank of bleeping and flashing slot machines.

            Anthony allowed a trace of a smile to curve his mouth upward, and he turned toward the staircase leading to a landing that would give him an unimpeded view of the main room. Now to have some fun.


            Dara spared a glance at the delicate diamond and emerald watch attached to her wrist. Twenty-six minutes, plenty of time for some blackjack before she went to the ballroom. Her best friend, Chris, who was attending with Sarah, would text if the speaker ahead of her moved more quickly than the program indicated. If nothing else, gambling would take her mind off the unpleasantness to come.

            Her hand trembled a little as it fell back to her side, the first hint of nerves. God, why do I agree to these things? I detest public speaking.

            As she approached the tables, something felt off. She saw nothing concrete, no sign of anyone acting out of place, but instinct guided her. After falling in love with a murderer, she always paid attention when she got that little tingle at the base of her neck. Other than a dapper human who seemed fascinated by the expansive view of her breasts that the low-cut gown offered, no one seemed to be looking in her direction.

            Such realization didn’t alleviate the impression someone was watching.

            The moment passed, and Dara shook her head in annoyance. “You’re paranoid, girl,” she said to herself. “Ronnie said he won’t be here.”

            Her palms itched, and unease returned as she reached the tables. Her eyes narrowed warily. Someone was definitely watching her. But who? And from where?

            She brushed her tongue against one of her razor-sharp fangs, took a deep breath, and brought her mental barriers down. Few other vampires her age would dare lower the protective barriers that blocked out the chaotic mishmash of thoughts from other beings when amongst a large gathering. She prided herself on her strength, the only gift from her unknown sire that she was grateful for.  

            The rush of hundreds of minds would have overwhelmed someone less well trained. So many poor souls around her believed the next roll of the dice or pull of the bandit arm would bring them great wealth, and so many were desperate for the money. It hurt, feeling their pain and knowing she couldn’t help any of them.

            Dara forced herself to concentrate on the matter at hand, despite the whispers of mental voices seeping into her thoughts. The other races simply didn’t have the ability to keep their thoughts completely private.

            She filtered out exterior distractions, such as noise and flashing lights, with painstaking care and then began sorting through the minds pressing in on her. Whoever watched wasn’t human; she could tell that much. Human scrutiny almost never bothered her.

            “C’mon,” she said. “Where are you?”

            After fruitless moments trying to find the guilty party, her temples throbbed. Dara built her barriers back up and felt her shoulders slump in relief at the abrupt silence in her head. The presence was gone again, but she knew it would return.

            Lifting her chin in defiance, she nodded to herself. If, or when, they let their presence emerge again, she would find them. Per the Privacy Act of ’74, if someone used non-human gifts to spy on anyone without a warrant, much less a senior manager at a federal agency, they were guilty of a misdemeanor. It was her responsibility to find them and warn them to tread cautiously.

            “Would you like a drink, ma’am?”

            She glanced at a voluptuous auburn-haired waitress who stood several inches taller than she, even with her three-inch heels, and shook her head. As the woman swaggered away, she fished out her cell phone to make certain she hadn’t missed Chris’s warning text message. Still fifteen minutes remained before she needed to go.

            Harry Myers, CEO of Savage Enterprises, the largest non-human run corporation in the world, was presenting her with an award for her part in the Great Awakening. She considered the whole presentation ridiculous, coming some eighty years after the non-humans made their presence known. If not for her boss’s order, and the need to drum up constant public support for the Bureau, she would be at home in Florida where she and Sarah belonged.

            About to place her first wager, she felt fingers stroke her left palm. Dara’s fingers jerked, and she stared down at the rose-shaped scar that lay in the center. It was one of the more spectacular, and visible, “gifts” from the monsters that had raped and converted her in 1810. Since no one stood to her left, the caress indicated telekinesis, unusual in the extreme.

            Telepathy came with the fangs and hunger for blood. Telekinesis did not. Telekinesis took decades of practice and a great deal of personal power to master. Few vampires less than seven centuries old possessed the skill. Her watcher was back, and they were very old.

            She hissed and waved off the dealer. This game of cat and mouse ended right now. Her watcher needed to learn not to toy with the Bureau. The folds of her skirt swirled softly around her ankles as she squeezed through the crowd to find a solid wall to lean against. Dara wanted a solid surface to brace herself against while she lowered her barriers this time, to save more strength for her search.

            The onslaught didn’t stun her as much this time. She honed in on the vampires around the casino, fifteen in all. The mage-born wouldn’t toy with a vampire, not out in the open, and the assorted were-creatures didn’t have the capacity for either telepathy or telekinesis. In less than thirty seconds, she found him.

            Her barriers slammed back into place as she pushed off the wall and pivoted to her right. She lifted her gaze to sweep the staircase, finally settling on the balcony above. When she focused in on him, her mouth dropped open in an unattractive imitation of a trout gasping for air. She knew what the expression looked like, had ever since a photographer once caught her staring at someone.

            Anthony Caldwell, unchanged by the passage of two hundred years, leaned on the glass and metal railing, looked down on her with a slight smirk. Clad in black and white formal wear, his dark blond hair just touching the collar of his jacket, he might be posing for GQ or some other gentleman’s magazine. Photographs and television appearances didn’t do the man justice. If one ignored the dark heart that beat in his chest, the packaging around it was spectacular.

Well, there you have it! Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Thursday Word-Slingers – Guest Loucinda McGary

Good morning, everyone. Thanks for stopping by the check out my interview with author Loucinda McGary, most recently published by Sourcebooks Casablanca, with upcoming self-pubbed work! Let’s make her feel welcome!

1) How long have you been writing?

Since I was nine years old. Before that, I printed.
 But seriously, I wrote off and on for many years. Finally, in 2003 I left my day job and made a concentrated effort to write and publish novels. It took me four years, almost to the day to sell my first novel (actually the third I’d written since quitting my job).

2) How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

Not that many compared to a lot of writers. I don’t have a day job, writing is it. I do love to travel and do that as often as possible, but I don’t cook, I don’t clean, and I don’t apologize for not doing either. LOL!

3) When is your next release due out and can you tell the audience about it?

I’m working hard to release my first full-length romantic suspense novel, High Seas Deception on Amazon before Jan. 31st. Wish me luck with the conversion and uploading.

 Here’s a brief blurb about the story: In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a mysterious Irishman steals a passenger’s identification and slips aboard Adventure Cruise Lines’ Intrepid. His mission is to intercept a dangerous package before it can be delivered to Los Angeles. However, he is discovered by ACL’s security officer Skylar Davidson, formerly with LAPD.

Is he “one of the good guys” as he claims? Or the ruthless mercenary Skylar remembers from a bloody shoot-out at LAX airport? With the lives of over two thousand passengers and crew at stake, can Skylar trust her instincts? What about her heart?

4) What is it about the romantic suspense (with a hint of the paranormal/supernatural) genre that you like so much?

I grew up reading the great old Gothic romances of Victoria Holt, Phyllis A. Whitney and Mary Stewart. My mother read them, and as a bored teen, I picked up a couple of her paperbacks, read them and loved them. When I sat down to seriously pursue publication, I decided to write the kind of novels I always loved to read.

5) Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I plan to keep writing romantic suspense for the foreseeable future. However, my first venture into self-publishing was a complete departure for me. It is a 14,000 word novelette, The Sidhe Princess. Since the heroine is sixteen, I suppose it is more of a Young Adult fantasy story. Plus, it is actually a prequel to my first published novel The Wild Sight. I’m not sure that I’ll ever write anything quite like it again, but it was fun to experiment.

6) Random silliness 1: Sweet or sour?

Definitely sweet. I have a notorious sweet tooth — candy, ice cream, any kind of baked goods and I’m there!

7) Random silliness 2: Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

What is this vanilla of which you speak? There is NOTHING but chocolate! Preferably dark chocolate. My favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.

8) You’re making the switch from a traditional publisher to self-publishing. What is it about self-publishing that drew you in and away from the so-called traditional world?

I write to entertain people with my stories, and at the moment, self-publishing is the best option for me to do that. I had a less-than-positive experience with “traditional” publishing, and decided I would not enter into another “traditional” publishing contract without someone who knew the ins and outs negotiating the terms for me. Unfortunately, I have yet to find anyone, so I decided self-publishing would be a viable way to keep my work in front of my readers.

9) Do you have any thoughts about your experience, thus far, getting ready with your first self-pubbed book?

The good news is: you get to do everything yourself! The bad news is: you get to do everything yourself! Seriously, there is a lot more work involved than it appears, if you want to have a quality product. You need to invest time, money and effort for editors, proof readers, cover artists. And basically, the promotion never ends.
 Self-publishing is definitely not for everyone and, contrary to what you may have heard, it is not “the easy way” to publish. As far as I know, there is no “easy way.”

10) Do you have any thoughts/advice about the changing world of publishing, coming from your particular perspective?

Writers need to thoroughly educate themselves about the various publishing options. Before you make any decisions, do your homework! Be aware of the consequences of your decisions and how they might affect your long range career/goals.

How can people contact you (email)?
I’m in the process of revamping my website but once it’s done, you can find me at
I also have a personal blog called Aunty Cindy Explains It All:
Of course I’m on Facebook:
And Twitter: #!/LoucindaMcGary
I LOVE hearing from readers and other writers!
So how many of things do you juggle on a daily basis? And how do you manage it? I’d love some tips. 

So, that’s our interview with the fabulous Loucinda! Be sure to leave comments. Loucinda will be giving away a copy of either High Seas Deception OR a copy of one of her backlist – winner’s choice! Winner announced next Friday!

She loves to hear from her fans. I’ve read Princess and Wild Irish Sea – fabulous books, both (yes, I even did reviews on Amazon for her).

Life Update

Hi everyone! I’ve picked up a few new followers here and I’m very excited about that. Thank you for joining the fun and hope to keep increasing my numbers, especially given Rage’s upcoming release.  On that note:

I have a release date!
February 8, 2012

Yep, I’m pretty danged excited about that. I got the news Saturday, but there hadn’t been a good spot for an official announcement on the blog until now (though I did mention it in passing in my Six Sentence Sunday entry).  

Rage went through two full rounds of editing from my lovely editor Karyn, and then I got it back for one final read-through. There were some changes that came out of the edits, including a better justification for why Anthony lied to Dara for all those years. I also redid the scene where Dara descends into a blood rage, which I’d originally told from Jordan’s POV because I wasn’t sure it would work in hers. The editor felt the Jordan POV jarred too much since there were only two scenes from his perspective. When I rewrote it…WOW. It became (IMO) incredibly powerful. The ending changed and I’m really happy about the tweak. It definitely makes Rage (and Dara) come out stronger. Yay for the brilliance of Karyn.

Also been working on getting Rising to the point where Karyn won’t reach through the computer and strangle me with ellipses and dialogue tags when she gets her little red pen (or Track Changes) on it.

I’ve been incredibly busy trying to set up blog posts (and actually writing them for the visits). I have a pretty comprehensive list on the Upcoming Visits Elsewhere tab, but just in case you’re not looking at it, here’s what I have in store over the next couple of weeks (through the day after Rage’s release):
  1. Wickedly Sexy Writers, where I talk about being a romance writer trapped in a prude’s mind (tomorrow, 1/25).
  2. Allison Grey’s blog for an interview (1/30).
  3. London St. James’ blog for an interview (2/7).
  4. Elizabeth Morgan’s blog for an interview (2/8 – RELEASE DAY).
  5. Lynnette Labelle’s blog for an interview (2/9). There will be a short excerpt from Rage as well, plus a giveaway of a copy of Rage.
Life has been decent, though I got sick last week. Hubby is working a lot at the moment (beginning of the year is always busy for him because the banks get their new budgets and so they can do all the projects they were putting off in the latter part of the previous year). Unfortunately, he was starting to come down with the cold as of last night. Ugh.

So, that’s what’s new with me. How about you?

Word-Slingers – Guest Allison Grey

Welcome back for another edition of the Word-Slingers. This week I have another fellow author from Evernight Publishing, Allison Grey. Please give her a nice, warm welcome, and sit back to enjoy.

1)         How long have you been writing?

I’ve been telling stories to my family since I could talk. My mother is a really creative person, and she would tell my brother and I original stories every night before bed. I immediately latched on, and I think I actually began to put them on paper when I was around four. After that, it was history. I believe I started writing full-length novels when I was around eleven. I have actually modeled most of my current characters and ideas around several of those books, but with a more mature outlook, of course. I kept writing novels until I was about twenty, when I lost a boxful of handwritten series I had been working on for years. That scarred me deeply and I didn’t write for some time. I eventually picked back up with short stories and some poetry when I was around twenty-three or twenty-four. I’m looking forward to bringing all the stories that died in that box back to the light. At the risk of sounding cliché, I think I was born to do this. I can’t be anything but a writer, no matter how hard I try.

2)         How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

I just earned my AA in English, so no classes have been a big break for me. I’m absolutely horrible at math, so I’ll have quite a few prep classes to tackle in the next year before I go in for my Bachelor’s. I plan to take the spare time to make writing my full-time career. It’s the only job I see myself actually enjoying, although I still want the degree for my own personal satisfaction. I might like to teach Creative Writing someday, but we will see. I have a son who just turned a year old, and it’s been difficult to write with my husband at work all day. I’m planning on seeking some daycare a few days a week to focus on my writing, and so that the time I spend with my son can be more fun and focused for both of us.

3)         When is your next release due out and can you tell the audience about it? I know our books were originally scheduled to come out close to one another, but I think The Discovery has been bumped well ahead of mine. Will you still have a second one coming out in March?

Half-ling: The Discovery should be coming out in late January or early February. It looks like it’s really getting up there, so I’m just waiting on my “definitive” release date. So far, the second book is slated for a March release. I’m just finishing up my with the third installment, and I think it’s been my favorite so far. You can probably expect to see a spin-off in the future, as the third book sets the stage for that possibility. I’m sort of a spin-off addict, because I get really attached to my characters, and have trouble letting their stories go untold. After I finish this one, I have another series idea, and a stand-alone novel I’d like to get to work on. Here’s the blurb for my first book: “Reney Rose looks like a fashion model, but actually spends her days editing real models into the famous So GlamMagazine. With a slew of jealous co-workers ready to burn her at the stake, Reney’s not sure she can take another day in the cubicle. Until she gets news of an intern’s dream come true. Richard Rogan, the dark and striking senior editor of So Glam, has chosen Reney to accompany him to Hawaii! Mr. Rogan has never even spoken to Reney, but his mere presence makes her weak in the knees.

Things get even more heated when she meets Ahulani, a gorgeous Hawaiian whom she feels strangely drawn to. Only, Ahulani has news for Reney. They’re both half-vampires, and Richard is an evil full vampire determined to drain her potent half-ling blood. Reney is falling fast for Ahulani, but will she be able to resist Richard’s hypnotically wicked lust?”

4)         What is it about the paranormal romance genre that you like so much?

I love the idea of alternate realities, since I so frequently find myself dissatisfied in our current one. I’m probably a little loopy, but I’ve yet to meet a (good) writer who isn’t a bit crazy! I also have an affinity towards dark creatures-especially vampires-and they have always fascinated me. I’m glad to see that the genre itself is steering away from the Twilight type vampires, and going for the more evil ones. To me, a vampire should be evil. End of story. It’s part of their appeal. Dracula didn’t get so damned sexy doing charity work.

5)         Do you think you’ll move to another genre, and if yes, what to and when?

I actually write horror pieces under another name, though I haven’t found the success I have in the romance genre. I have a few things floating around, and I’ve been slowly pecking away at a gruesome historical horror novel. It’s been more than a bit neglected since I started writing for Evernight, but I believe like all things, it’s day will come. I used to think I’d like to write YA books, but we’ll see about that. Even though my erotic scenes are less frequent than some other books in the genre, they are still very graphic, so I might find personal trouble in composing “softer” sex scenes. There’s also the issue of language. I tend to write my horror in a very formal, old-fashioned type literary voice. I use a more mainstream voice in my romance work, with the exception of some of my vampires; since they are so old, I work their dialogue accordingly. My very first villain is around three hundred years old, so he speaks formally, but with a present day vocabulary. I have another vampire you will all see later that hasn’t strayed into the modern world, so his English speaking is more reflective of my “horror voice.” I find myself jumping back and forth as I write their dialogue(s), from one style to another. I think it’s all pretty sexy, and hope my readers will as well. However, I’ve found that I enjoy working in all voices with an equal passion, no matter the genre.

6) Silliness 1: Sweet or sour?

Oooo….well, honestly, there are days when all I want is a Twix bar. Like a million of them. I don’t even really like the sour flavor, but occasionally I get the urge to shove as many LemonHeads in my mouth as possible. I like to push my body to physical extremes, and LemonHeads were a gateway drug for me. And yes. I am strange.

7) Silliness 2: Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Chocolate, if it’s partially melted. Vanilla if it’s fully frozen. 

It’s been great having you, today Allison. And thank you everyone for coming by. As a sign of her love for her fans (new and old), Allison has elected to give not just one, but TWO copies of her book, Half-Ling: The Discovery. Leave a comment below if you want to be entered. Winners to be chosen next Monday and announced on Tuesday (1/31/12).

Come back on Thursday (1/26/12) for our regularly scheduled Word-Slingers, with Loucinda McGary.

Six Sentence Sunday (1/22/12) – #sixsunday

Welcome back, ladies and (I presume) gentlemen! For this week, and next week probably too, I am once again returning to Blood Rage (which now has a tentative release date of 2/8/12). Dara hates speaking in public, but she’s been the de facto poster child for the non-humans since they first came out of the closet. She’s getting ready for a speech in front of a bunch of people at the 80th Anniversary Bash of the Great Awakening and, as usual, having a panic attack. Chris is trying to calm her down through humor.

Chris crouched so their eyes were level and all levity vanished. “Just think: fifty years ago, you sat in front of several hundred piranhas in business suits to get Congress to fund the Bureau. They didn’t want to hear you, but you did it anyway. The people here tonight – they want to hear from you, and they’ve paid a pretty penny for the privilege. And…,” she said triumphantly, “They’re probably half-blitzed on champagne already, so they won’t care if you screw up.”
“The, uh, so-called piranhas probably drank too.”

Welp, there you have it! Hope you’ll check out some of the other entries found at the official Six Sunday website, and have a fantastic week. 🙂 I’ll be posting at least one interview this week (tomorrow – Allison Grey from Evernight, who will be doing a give away of two copies of her book), with possibly a second one on Thursday.

Thursday Word-Slingers – Guest Ambrielle Kirk

Let’s give a warm round of applause today for my guest, and fellow Evernight author, Ambrielle Kirk.

1.  How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil. J I’ve been writing fiction stories since high school. My love for writing stems from my love of reading. One of my favorite places as a ten was at the local library, believe it or not.

2.   How many balls do you juggle on a daily basis, and how do you manage to keep them all in the air (usually), (ball = work, writing, family, etc.)

The thing is, I don’t keep all my balls in the air. Sometimes they do tumble on my head and shoulders. I just pick them right back up and start back all over again. But yes, I juggle a full-time job, writing nearly full time to keep up in this industry, as well as a family life.

3.   When is your next release due out and can you tell the audience about it?

I recently contracted two books Winter 2011. Unleash to Breathless Press for the second book in my Soul Bond series, and The Protector to Evernight Publishing for the first book in my Blood Legends series.

The Soul Bond series features demon heroes and the heroines who just can’t get enough of them. They also drive their heroes to do life-altering things unintentionally. A chance meeting in the first book, Liaison, will lead to an inter-connected chain of events to set off the series. Oh, and the heroes in these ones were my most favorite to write.

The Protector (Blood Legends Novel, 1) is a UF based on Mayan mythology. It is kind of bittersweet in that each main character has a goal, but must give up something they want most to help them achieve it. I’ve posted the final blurb on my website for this one here:  

4.   You appear to have a wide variety of genres that you like to write in (contemporary, paranormal and erotic romance along with UF). Why such an assortment and do you think you’ll end up going primarily with one or the other, or continue the broad spectrum?

I’m all over the place in genres, I know. Lol! Actually I have a few WIPs in genres other than what I have published now. I’m a very eclectic reader, so try my best to be an eclectic writer. I never actually sit and down with a pre-determined genre in mind. I sit down, plot and write, and let the characters and plot go where they. I’ll most definitely continue with the broad spectrum. I would never be a happy writer if I just wrote in one genre, but that’s just me.

 5.   Sweet or sour?

The first thing that came to mind was Sweet and Sour Chicken. Lol! So is it okay to answer Both. I love Chinese food. Can’t you tell? I love how the sweet offsets the sour taste

6.   Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Vanilla. And most definitely Breyers. Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream to be exact. With a cherry on top!

7.   Your upcoming release, The Protector, a Blood Legends Novel, looks to be paranormal romance. Can you give us a bit more about it? From the description, it doesn’t look to be your standard vampire, shifter or angel book.

Looks can be deceiving. The Protector is actually an Urban Fantasy. One difference between a paranormal and UF lies in the plot and in the book ending. In an UF, the girl doesn’t really need the male to achieve her goal, and the heroine in The Protector fits this bill. I don’t want to give too much away though 😉 I can say that the romance in this book is a subplot. Maybe it is a mixture of both. Maybe Urban Fantasy, with a romance? I’d be interested in what readers have to say though. It’s definitely not your standard vamp book.

8.   What led your decision to go to an e-press instead of trying for a “traditional” publisher? And why so many different presses, instead of just one? 

As a reader, I love the variety that you can find with an e-publisher. E-pubs can stand to take risks that may result in greater rewards. With a traditional print only or print first pub, I don’t see that they are able to take too many risks. I sense this when I’m browsing books to read on Amazon or other online retailers. With E-pubs I can definitely find some variety, and diversity, in books.

Twitter: @ambriellekirk
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Six Sentence Sunday (1/15/12) – #sixsunday

Good morning (or afternoon), ladies and/or gents! Welcome back to the next round of Six Sentence Sunday. This is one of my favorite days of the week and I hope it is for you too. Don’t forget, after reading here, to check out the other authors listed back at the Six Sentence Sunday website.

After the seriousness of the past few weeks with Dara & Anthony’s angsty doubts and adoration, I wanted to go with something a little lighter. This week’s excerpt comes from Chris & Jordan’s story, Blood-Mage Rising. Now, these two have some issues to work out (mutual attempts at destruction fostering a decided lack of trust between them), but that has never exactly stopped them from jumping into bed on occasion. It just makes trust a bit of an issue. Early on, while they’re discussing other matters, Chris’s mind wanders.

Jordan was temptation incarnate, no denying that. Pity about the whole psychotic killer thing. Without that, she might, in some wild drunken stupor, entertain thoughts of experimenting with the whole kink thing that always seemed to linger in the back of her thoughts when he was around.         


 The soft question yanked her out of a quick and surprisingly erotic explicit daydream that involved her, a pair of handcuffs, and him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the one wearing the cuffs.

Okay, that’s it for this week. If you haven’t yet, check out my interview with Doris O’Connor here and come back this coming Thursday when I have Ambrielle Kirk stop in, along with an excerpt from her upcoming Evernight release, The Protectors. Don’t forget to check out the pages along the top to see who I’ve got coming in to visit and where you might find me in the months to come!