What Next?

I’ve submitted Blood-Mage Rising (aka Blood War), and am currently in no-man’s land, waiting to hear back on whether it’ll be accepted. I honestly don’t know what to expect. It’s classified as UF.

So, while I wait (which if history holds, it shouldn’t be too much longer before I hear back one way or the other) I’m trying to decide what to work on next. There’s always book 3 in the Dream-Walker War series, but I don’t know if Book 2 will be accepted, so do I really want to come up with something that might be dead on arrival?

There’s also the futuristic spin-off series to plot/work on. That’s rough because DWW’s not finished yet, so I don’t know precisely how the world went to hell.

I could always traipse back to paranormal romance. I’m considering a couple of shorter works set in the same alternate reality, not directly related to the DWW series. At least I’d know the setting.

So, in short, I’m adrift.  I need a new project.

In the mean time, I’ve been busy setting up the new series of Word-Slinger interviews, sending the first couple of posters their interview questions.  Look for the first in the series to pop up on January 19 and each Thursday thereafter (save one who’s requested to go on Wednesday instead).

I’ve also started scheduling guest appearances for me on other blogs, which I’m nervous about. This promotion thing is hard! Yes, I like talking about myself, but actually asking people to let me come on their blogs? Eeeeep! Stay tuned for announcements for when I’m blogging elsewhere. That should be fun, right?

Have a great weekend and a safe and happy New Years. I’ll be posting on the 2011/2012 goals issue tomorrow night! Also, Six Sentence Sunday returns. Must get the post ready for that too.


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  1. Work on it. I can't imagine that they wouldn't take the whole series. My deal was for 2 books with right of first refusal on the 3rd but it just seems like they would take the third if they did the first two. Vamps and other paras are hot hot hot and your characters are awesome.


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