Looking for a Few Good Authors & Cover Reveal

Good morning! Christmas came early for me this year in the form of Ms. Dara England’s final cover for Blood Rage.

A Few Good Authors
But before we get to that I’d like to put out a call for authors. Starting next year (probably mid-to-late January to start), I’m going to have a weekly author interview session called Tuesday Word Slingers. I have a few lovely guinea pigs volunteers already, but to keep the feature going, I need more. So I turn to you, the audience.

If you’re an author looking to promote yourself, or know someone who is, send me an email: torymichaels (at) live (dot) com. Please put “A Few Authors” in the subject line to help me stay organized.

No, I’m not offering a give-away…yet! That will come soon. I just wanted to share my initial thoughts as I try to scramble and build some name recognition out there before Rage is launched. It’s hard getting up the nerve to approach people about doing an interview, or guest spot. I read all about doing promotion for your stuff on blogs and what not, but now faced with the reality of it, YIKES!

But, I’ve got a few things lined up (or in the process of), including a potential chat through the lovely people at RomCon, Inc. out in Denver. I’m sooooooo excited about that. I attended the first RomCon in 2010 and had a blast. (see my posts on it here, here, and here). Thanks to babies and unemployment, I couldn’t attend in 2011. I’m gonna see if I can talk my husband into letting me sneak away to next year’s event (maybe pigs will fly too, but never hurts to ask, right?). Check it out by visiting there website: RomCon. They’re doing an InterSpecies Peace Conference with would fit soooo well given the subject of Blood Rage.

Finally, the Reveal

I’m in love with this cover. No, Dara doesn’t look exactly like I pictured her (no scars visible), but there’s only so much a cover artist can do. And, my theory is, she wouldn’t let a picture of her escape the attention of a good air-brush artist. We’ve got Dara and Anthony all comfortable and then Jordan looming in the background. I’m psyched that they included him AND didn’t give me a bedroom/boudoir clinch.

So, hope you have a great day and wonderful weekend. Talk to you soon!



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